Bud washing and dry trimming

I’m finishing a couple of auto flowers in the coming weeks and I need to know if I can wash my buds and still do dry trimming and the end of the process. I see many people trim up their buds before they wash them but can you wash and keep the leaves on for drying process to dry trim

Ive never done bud washing. Its very curious to me. I might try it with a plant from the bext grow. So id like to know this as well.

I just harvested 4 plants and did a bud wash. I left all the leaves on and now they are hanging and drying. I will do a dry trim next weekend or whenever they dry out

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I do a rough trim and wash them. I go back and polish the trim up after they’ve dried properly.


I do like @MidwestGuy.

Anything with a stem gets trimmed before I harvest the plant. Then I chop and do a bud wash. Just to clarify I do 10% H2o2/90% RO water, then 100% RO water rinse. I have not tried the lemon juice/baking soda wash and don’t plan to.

I did a non washed bud to compare with my washed and the non washed was ever so slightly better, but not enough to make me stop washing my buds