Bud wash entire plant



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I bud washed my plants last year and it was a mistake. I did as Im in Nor Cal and we had lots of ash from fires & I got worms. It washed alot of the resin off I thought it was a bad call so be careful and just di it very lightly. I have worms again i have been picking them off but Im gong to wipe them down a little this year


Thank you …so do you mind me asking what your bud wash mixture is?
I saw no noticeable loss of trichomes in the water or even with my loupe hours afterwards

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Lime juice H2o2 & water couple tbl spoons each per gallon I used warm water. This year Im just picking the worms off, got about 12 or so. Plants are ready I would like them to go into the cold weather I dont think so though

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Got ya …I used baking soda and lemon juice 1/4 cup of each to 5 gallons
Then just a a small amount of lemon juice in the second and straight water in the third …

I dunked and shook them around pretty vigorously ,swung them in the air like baseball bats in between …

I checked the trichomes before and after and they seem to have survived

Maybe the combination of the ash served as an abrasive and washed your resin away?

Trichomes aren’t water soluble…I can’t see h202 or lime juice or being a little stern with them doing it

The worms ohhh Mann. …they are terrible


@TheVirginian I hear ya! H202 is not that expensive and here where I am lemons are all over the place,Almost in every backyard…Store prices are about 10 to 25 cents per. Ive read that its best to use real lemon juice as compared to the bottled LJ…Even if it says 100% natural…?
@paparoach1952 …I hear ya! but I haven’t seen any “resin” or trichs come off as yes…they are not water soluble…Not sure what went on with yours but definitely can relate to the fires and smoke and ash…But the caters are worse!!! I don’t use warm water nor cold water…Room temp is the best… I hate the worms(Caters) too! I wanna find a better way next season (outdoors)…Screened tents/hoops whatever But I can not go on loosing my crops to the F`in Caters!!!..
I want to invent a Caters…Zapper…almost like those bug zapper thingys from years past…You know the ones that ZAP bugs with electricity!! I want it to ZAP the cats on my plants using electricity that can sense the thermal heat from the Caters…and not zap the plant at a lower thermal level…Oh how I wish I had the know how to do it…Phazers on KILL (not stun) LOL :rofl:


Use cold water.

On the left is clean lemon juice/water wash, on the right is clean baking soda wash in the first pic.
The second pic is after washing one plant.
A couple of pics of washed buds, as you can see, trichome loss is negligible.


Beautiful buds sir ….
And I agree worth the very little if any loss for a good clean harvest


I should add that I cut off branches in a manner that will fit in the trays, and be able to hang on a drip line.
After drip drying for a day I put them in the tent in the dark using a humidifier by the air intakes shooting for 60% Rh with a fan circulating the air without blowing on the buds.

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After washing …

For a few hours with an oscillator fan about 15 away …and it was already breezy
Then into a dry box which is sitting at

Pc exhaust fan on low

Your buds look awesome trim wise too

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Love those little Govee hygrometers, so convenient. Only sorry I didn’t get them all as Bt/Wifi version…next time

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Omg always outta likes …

I bumped into it on Amazon …mine is just a small one …with a lanyard hanging right in the middle of the box …awesome little device and accurate enough and the phone monitoring makes a big diff to me …I also put a WiFi socket to shut it on or off of I wanna adjust …I’m pretty happy with the cheap setup
Bought a dehumidifier but havent needed it as of yet

Low seems to be the most stable setting …for the pc fan …i can get the temp to drop if I turn it up but I feel it’s circulation is just a bit too much …

I also used a pet/carbon filter too keep any odors from getting in through the passive intakes and one on the exhaust …house reeked from the fresh cutting but seems to have calmed down …

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Best-looking clothesline I’ve ever seen. :yum:

Yes the odor does all but go away when drying, but it will come back when you get them into whatever your cure solution is. Smells better than the slam of the just opened tent door in flower.

Lol thank you …

My wife actually told me to put it wherever I want she doesn’t mind it at all …our kids are older and any adults that come around burn anyway …was going to use the garage but …would rather not …

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I harvested a plant last night that had some bud rot and I did the h202 bath I didn’t want to harvest it yet but it was right next to a big gold leaf plant and I didn’t want the mold 2 get on that plant I hope I made the right decision I’m just using the plant for butter anyways I have to say it did make the buds look amazing and I live in Tucson and it’s really hot here so they dry really fast only like half an hour I was wondering if you could do an h202 bath on a plant that’s still growing if you needed to hit an area that had some bud rot and you still wanted to save the plant.

You’d have to cut out the rotted areas completely amd carefully everything you touch after touching bud rot can now get it
After ypu are sure it’s gone I would then treat the plant as you say …I’ve never used H202 on the plant or in a bud wash …but I read others do all the time …

Maybe someone more informed can answer

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Look up Plumbdand’s grow journal, 2021 outdoor AZ. He’s dealt with some bud rot.