Bud wash entire plant

If I were to hang the entire plant after cutting it for a slow dry …how would I perform a bud wash on an entire plant ?

Sorry if this seems a stupid question but shouldn’t I just try to wash the plant before cutting it ?

It’s white widow and she’s to my liking so she’s getting cut currently reeks like sewer …
It’s not rot or anything buds are firm and reek like excellent pot when touched
Just omitting a sewer smell which I read means dank buds and they look it

Wanna hang dry the entire plant who’s done this and did a bud wash too ?

Tell me what you did


From what I under stand about bud washing you cut the branch’s off and dip each one and do the same when rinsing. @Happilyretired @Myfriendis410

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Yes thank you …I have watched many vids on the subject
But I also read hanging the plant to dry whole helps it dry slower and preserve flavor …

I wouldn’t want to bud wash after drying …then have to dry again

Was seeing if anyone hangs their plant in its entirety but also does a bud wash …was curious what they do


Cannot even get any kind of google search to come up when I type bud wash before harvest

I wonder if @oldmarine or @TheVirginian might fit the bill for guys with answers?

I also wonder if using an H2o2/water mix in one of those garden sprayers would work? Spray with mix, then spray off with water, chop and shake dry? No idea.


Simple answer…Bigger container, more peroxide more water. Try a nice new trashcan.

I always chop stems, just easier for my process with low storage bins 24x36x12.


That’s what I’m thinking …I can only see the plant benefiting from drying out over night alive then chopitty chop before the sun comes up

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Lol …I was thinking this too …like maybe I can borrow one of those thro the ball at rue clown dunking booths from somewhere …

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ummm, NOPE. first time grower and was reading up on the bud washing technique myself as i’ve never done it and plan to. thanks for thinking of me though but @oldmarine might be a good source for answer :wink:


I have two plants and am harvesting the first in the morning

Plan on doing that one in pieces …

But want to try this with the second one in about 2-3 weeks

I believe in a vigorous, thorough wash. Can’t do that with the whole plant.


Thank you for that …experience always knows best …the idea is now forgotten hahah


Thanks for posting this question, as I’ve been thinking about this, too.


I hung my whole plant last time FYI.

If you want to slow down the drying, perform a dry trim rather than a wet trim: this acts as both a reservoir of moisture and shields the flower from drying too quickly. The down side is it’s a PITA to dry trim.


Did you do a bud wash on your whole plant? If so, about how big was it?

That is the video I watched …he is the Bob Ross of cannabis growing

Awesome guy and very awesome videos

Thank you for had I not known already you’d have shown me him

I decided against it as old marine pointed out …to be vigorous enough ypu really need to do it branch by branch …

I was gonna hose her down alive and then chop …

Trying to cut corners after wasting six months of time and dedication to the plant was a silly idea

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Meaning … are you going to pass on the (whole plant?) bud wash?

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Yes at least for my first harvest …my other plant still has 2 or more weeks and I may come up with something for her harvest but I want to be sure it’s effective …

Still doing a bud wash
It’s a must in my situation as the sticky hairs did their job catching anything and everything outdoors lol

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:+1: If you don’t mind, report back to us. :ear: :slightly_smiling_face: