Bud Trimming Scissors

I want at least a couple of new pairs of bud trimming scissors. On Amazon I see Chickamasa scissors are top rated but they are kinda pricy. Some models have a special flourine coating supposedly to prevent resin buildup.

1 - Does fluorine coating actually work?

2 - What other makers of non-spring loaded scissors do a good job for less $$ to trim bud?

Thanks for suggestions!

I can’t imagine using non spring loaded clippers. My hands get tired after a few hours even with the springs.
I like the fiskars


@MT3 These work well, not meant for heavy trimming, but getting down to the flowers, I purchased some similar to these:

Lovelyou Bonsai Pruner, Bud & Leaf Trimmer, Pruning Shears (Random Color, Set of 6)


Spend a little extra:



i use these as well for bud trimming by hand…


one of these days i’m going to splurge on a bowl trimmer…lol one of these day’s!


The bowl trimmer is worth it’s weight in gold as far as saving time i have the 16 inch version that @Bogleg has worth every penny.


I have fiskars posted above, they’ve been good. I’ve also picked up some similar to the others at dollar store. I don’t feel they’re as convenient as someone that fits in my hand better, but they do work pretty good.

You’re hands will absolutely appreciate something that has spring assisted opening.


I am actually interested in hearing more about this Bowl Trimmer, @Bogleg. I had seen a post that you made about this very trimmer and it caught my eye.

I like to remove the fan leaves for a wet pre-trim, but let the sugar leaves dry on the bud to trim later. Will the bowl trimmer work ok for this? Will it shred the buds or leave them looking beautifully manicured?


show off.!!

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can’t remember the price, but i use medical grade ‘suture’ scissors.!
i like the ones with the curved tips.!!
these r not coated and need wiped down with alcohol every so often during trimming, but they r high grade stainless and wipe off easily.

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I second (third fourth, whatever it is) the fiskars. They stay nice and sharp, they’re easy to clean, and the resin build up is half the fun. That’s how you know when to take a break and take a dab.


I have a lot of the Fiskars and got a pair of theses given to me and find me using these more


Tomorrow I’ll grab some nugs out of my jars and take some pics and you can judge for yourself. The bowl trimmer will most definitely cut off the sugar leaves… if you trim them dry, however, you get more sugar leaf left behind. I might have some BBA buds or GL buds that I trimmed with it dry. I’ll check and see.


I’d lîke to see that. I’ve always been skeptical about auto trimmers. But it sure would be worth it if they do give good results.


I have to have multiple styles of scissors, i have the hydrofarm curved tip that look like the fiskars, and the hydrofarm brand of the 1s @Covertgrower posted, and a few other styles. I like to do bulk of the work with the spring loaded hydrofarm curved tip, and the finishing touches making them nice and final sugar trim with the 1s covert posted. When those get tiring i grab the medical scissors, i also have on hand some scissors that might be for cutting hair, but they are sharp as a sword and cut close trim off good. Just experiment and switch it up. My 2cents.


I could see changing it up throughout helping to prevent fatigue…you know, when there’s no one around to help :roll_eyes:


I appreciate you taking the time to look for pics of dry trimmed buds. I spent 4 hours trimming one WW plant this week and it is time consuming for sure. I took my time and made some beautiful buds, but if the bowl trimmer can do the job in a fraction of the time, that’s a no brainer for me…as long as the quality is similar.

I like this approach. I may favor one style/type of scissors for one job, then want to shift over to another during the trim. This way I could have the unused pair standing in cleaning alcohol while on standby. This change would help balance fatigue as you make a good point, @elheffe702.

Based on your collective reviews, looks like a pair each of Hydrofarm and Fiskars would give me a good balance of top choices. I’m cool with spending for one of each.

Changing subjects slightly regarding “scissor hash” and how many folks save this. I find that as the rosin builds up on the scissor blades, trimming becomes increasing difficult since the blades are gummy. Trim wants to stick to the gummy blades and the blades don’t glide smoothly. I find myself dipping in alcohol often and wiping meaning I don’t give my blades time to build up enough residue to save. Am I missing out…how many folks are saving scissor hash?

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Excellent idea…I plan to follow your advice!

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