Bud too dry during cure

I hung up and dried my bud on the stem for 7 tota days. I knew that sounded like not enough time but the buds were definitely ready. RH durning drying fluctuated ALOT. Low 30s to low 50s, i couldnt keep it stable no matter what i tried. Anyway, the bud is now dried and smells good and everything. I put it on jars to cure, filled 75% and added an RH meter to each jar. The RH wont go above 50 in the jars. What do i do if my bud is too dry to cure? Should i add a boveda 62 pack to bring it back up? I want to do this right.


Fyi left jar is shake and popcorn buds.

Do you have any fan leaves left? I’ve read that you can add a few to the jar to increase humidity without altering taste or smell

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I dont, i dry trimmed it all off and it was also super dry.

How long have the closed jars held a steady humidity?

Are you keeping these jars in the dark?

I have over-dried in the past, as well. To remedy the situation, I soaked a new sponge in distilled water and placed it in a bowl. Bowl then placed in large Tupperware-type container with the buds surrounding the bowl. Cover it up tightly, store in the dark with a RH meter. When RH is about 60-65 %, I move buds back to amber mason jars with the 62% humidity pack. The humidity will rise greatly overnight.

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Rh of 46% sealed and in the dark for 24hrs with no change.

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Two thoughts:

Maybe burp your jars, just in case your meters are off.

Maybe the moisture that’s still in the buds hasn’t leveled out yet. I don’t know.

I’m not an expert, but I don’t think 46% (relative?) humidity is too bad. The curing is about allowing chlorophyll to break down, as I understand it. Personally, I think most dispensary cannabis is too damp.

I bought 62% boveda packa. Im gonna allow it to go a day or two more without adding them to see what changes. Burping twice a day right now.


I added a 62% to a sample jar it seems to have brought it back, i just added to rest of my jars today. My stuff dried out also, i added to the sample after 7 days in jar, only my second harvest so not a expert by any means


got these from my local grow store


I’m curious, only if you don’t mind sharing, what region are you in that this happened @NewbieNick ?

East coast, my rh without any humidfiers is like 25-30% inside😒

I added the packs and its working great btw