Bud taste harsh

I gave my sister a bud to smoke off a plant I harvest last week. This plant had bud rot and was starting to Hermie, I cut out the rot then did a peroxide and water rinse. Sister said the high was just mediocre and she said the taste was very harsh. What would cause this? No nutrients were used in the last five weeks.

Only grown a few times but if you haven’t cured your buds, they taste awful. It takes a few weeks after drying for cured buds. It will smell like hay the first couple weeks.


@Waj, it will taste harsh because it is not cured. Drying time is 7-10 days, after that it goes into jars (don’t jam the weed in, nice and loose) and burped 3-4 times a day for a few minutes. I do this for 30 days, reducing burping to once a day on 15th day. After 30 days, I put a humidity pack in each jar. Once you’ve cured for 15 days, you can start sampling your goods.

Weed is like a good wine, it gets better with time.


It does smell like hay, I will try the cure thing and report back. Thank you for your help.

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You have to cure it a minimum of a month it’s a Process

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Hog master I have a cherry pie been in flower 8 weeks and starting go amber… outside what you think? Do I let it go 12 weeks??

@Hytech72 Do you have a recent picture

No sorry

Your plants have no substance to them if you didtn feed for 5 weeks it’s a bunch of u derivative developed plant matter …if you grew in sometime released soil that will do it to

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Well tomorrow if you get one that would help a bunch the ones I’ve grown of been 10 weeks in 14 weeks so I’m sure it could possibly be close

My buddy just harvest 3lbs of west coast og autos from fast buds 3 day dry 3 days of cure already smooth stinky not much taste but definitely not harsh

Not sure what you mean, the soil was very rich with lots of composted material in it. She said it got her high on 2 hits just harsh


Not saying not every strain is super smooth some are know for there choke , expando, does it taste like weed or harsh hay or grass … but cuz if its grass taste that will come out with a long cure

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Harsh smoke is often the result of NOT flushing. Flushing takes out the chemicals in the plant.

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My guess would be a rush on the dry time. When I cure my babies it takes over two weeks to cure slowly inside a open (large) bag open then close, open then close, and open then close to help convert the sugars to a fine smokable burn.


Oh… I’m sorry before they go into the two week open, close, open, close it’s a week upside down for the pre-lim drying time.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck with your next cure!

Big Mike

First welcome to the community I agree it’s all about getting that slow dry and curing process. @BigMike

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When you say flashing you mean just giving them water right ? She said the bud I gave her did taste and smell like grass it got quick dried out in the sun. All the rest of the big buds are still damp and I’m slow drying them. I will do the mason jar cure thing starting at the end of this week. Thanks for all your input

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As soon as ur smaller branches snap and not bend…jar time burp 2twice a day for 10nto 15 mins (lids off) for a week then every other day for 1 week then twice a weeks for 2 weeks and vioalaonce your dry u dont wanna dry too dry or as u burp you’ll turn into hay if u loose too much moisture …

Yes, and there are many reasons one can end up with very harsh bud. From root rot, light stress, overfeeding, not flushing properly and even air movement. Don’t set a fan in front of an air conditioner and blow directly on bud. CURING WEED For the Best Smell and Flavor (BEST TIPS!!!) - YouTube