Bud size day 28

Gold leaf photo from here @Tylersays

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yes it is my first grow.

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one of them was a “rescue” from a friend, a clone that was nearly dead when I got her. I got her to bounce back I would say. The other 3 are Bigfoot Glue from Humboldt seed company that I got at a dispensary…when I saw them I was like maybe I could grow it…and here we are today. I currently have 6 seedlings started, 1 GSC, 3 Bruce Banners (ILGM) and 2 more Bigfoot Glue’s.

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@Tylersays cloned her and going to keep the clone as a mother for a monster crop

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I’ve got some Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Humboldt seed. Got them in a bag! Sure I’ll have those free beans! I’m saving those for when I have ample supply on hand since they’re not feminized. Don’t want to lose time to a male if I’m low on supplies. LOL!

However - I think I’ll be alright for a bit as my current clone grow is going pretty well!

ILGM Super Skunk clones - aka The Rockettes!!

the 20th will be 10 weeks since the flip after a 3 and a half week veg period in 1gal bags.
12 in a 2x4. I love clones!!


Hang on a second. Am I not the only one that names their plants? OMG I am not a weirdo! Ms. Ellen, Ms. Henrietta, Ms Dotty, Ms. Bruceille are my babies. LMAO

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I have used this light in a 2x4 with good success. How far is it from the plant tops? How much air exchanged through the tent?

the distance varies since I have taller plants and Ms Dotty is only about 10" tall. So anywhere from 16" to 40". My short girl is the best looking of the bunch though so she seems to be happy at 40" she is frosting up like crazy!

Hell no!!
My auto tent has Sansa, Arya, Faye and Penelope!
My clones are collectively known as The Rockettes!!

Let’s them know you love them!! LOL!

You know it!

The last 3 photos i just harvested all started flowing at different rates. 3 different strains but all three started at same time and flipped at same time.

I went from 18/6 to 14/10 for a week before 12/12 and one of them was in full flower before I hit 12/12, the 2nd was right on que pistols just after flip, the 3rd one took a solid 3 weeks to give me anything other then little pre-flowers.

So yeah, everyone is kinda right I guess… the time frames can be all over the place…

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Just wanted to say very well done :clap:

Thanks. I am about to go down and check on the ladies. Maybe there will be some frosty porn pics posted in a bit. lol

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New home for the ladies. Shorties but when you try to load 5 of them in a 2x4 you gotta flower early. Lost the 5th because it hermied. ( near dead clone I tried to bring back for a friend)

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Bulking up nicely. About 4 weeks to go I suspect. My lil squatty girl is really stacking the buds on! Such a beast!


Looking good and frosty!! Yum!!

Keep on strokin’!!

Pretty proud considering this is my first grow. All happy and healthy af. Checking tricomes daily, starting to see some cloud up and a couple here and there amber. I think I will cut off nutes as of Saturday for a two week flush. Depending on when you start counting flowering, I am somewhere between 45 days or 39 days of flower on a 60 day strain according to the breeder. What you guys think?

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Looks great. Most plants will go a little longer than breeder estimates depending on light flowering schedule. Make sure to monitor trichomes closely around that time. :green_heart: :pray: :v:

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