Bud size and bloom nutes

Hey y’all so my plants are heading into the fourth week of a 12/12 cycle. A buddy of mine who owns a commercial grow said my buds are lookin a little small and that I should add a 0 10 10 nute. He knows his stuff but a lot of the things he recommends for me just isn’t logical for a small tent grow Lol. Especially the way he mixes his nutes / feeds his plants. so If I’m watering about half gallon per plant would i add a 0 10 10 to the bloom nutes im already using that are 1-4-5. Or would I add just the 0-10-10? And is that even necessary for a tent grow under 600 w leds? Would it make a difference this late in flower? Also I’m using soil of the gods number 4 Thanks

Your problem isn’t with nutrients, your plants look pretty good really. The lack of size is because of inadequate lights. How big is your tent and brand of light?


Here’s my buds about 3 weeks in under a 315w cmh


Thank you! It’s a 2x4x5. I’m using two 600 watt bloom spect leds and cheap 300watt led between them. Ya he did recommend I switch to hps. I think I’d have too much trouble with heat in such a small tent tho. So this is basically as good as I get it with what I’m working with? No need for new nutes?

Can you link your actual lights or give us the make, model and Wattage?

It’s your lights, don’t worry about buying a booster right now it’s not worth it your base bloom nute probably isn’t even needed if that soils good quality.

There are lots of LED’s that produce great light if heat is an issue for you.

I’m not doing a photo scrog like horn head and my Temps and RH have been shit but this is my plants right now also about 3 week into flower (maybe a bit less)

That, and the OP said:

Which means really only 2 weeks or so since transition to flower.

Your plant looks fine and I would keep doing what you are doing. Lighting plays the most crucial role in everything else used to grow indoors so it’s always looked at first.