Bud shrinking whilst drying

Hey all…now I know this is perfectly normal but I gotta say… DAMN…Where’s my buds gone…they have proper shrunk…:rofl::see_no_evil:…gone from this…

to this… in 3 days…:see_no_evil::joy:…still not dry yet but feel my yeild is dwindling away every day…as I said I know its normal but its our first crop so shocked how much they have shrunk! :joy: Thanks again all! :maple_leaf::green_heart::sunglasses:


Yep, same thing here. On my first grow I first thought I was going to have poundage. :laughing: I wasn’t on any forum and didn’t know squat. From harvest to cure you will lose up to 70-80% of Weight .


Savage isn’t it…but at least I know its drying I guess!! :joy:


That is why dried and cured weight is quoted.


It’s SHRINKAGE! It may have dwindled from QP to oz but it looks great. What was the plant? Any pics before harvest?

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She is a pink grapefruit auto…grown in a hot pot and inherited nitrogen toxiticy…but she made it and smells great…did have a little sample smoke of her today…taste great and a nice buzz…and she ain’t completely dried and cured yet…cheers bro…apprecated! :sunglasses:

That’s where bud density comes into play.
Still, they all shrink when you start drying them. They even do some shrinking while curing.