Bud rot- worth harvesting?

I have just completed week 6 flowering on a Blue Dream. I spotted a dark spot on a limb and discovered bud rot. I removed the whole limb to be safe, but it appears that it was contained to one bud on the limb. This is only one limb, the rest of the plant I hope to continue for weeks.

Am I safe to dry and cure the remaining buds, once given a good look over and washing? And secondly, at only 6 week flower, is it going to be worth doing? This is only one limb, I plan to keep the rest of the plant a few more weeks.

You should be ok as long as you got all the rot out, just be extra careful with the remaining plant, you don’t want to be using anything with rot on it.


Yes. We had a stretch here with periods of showers and nothing but humid hazy weather in between. If I can get past tomorrow, we appear to be dry for a week or so.

I think I’ll dry her out and see what she smokes like. She’s triched out, but I’m sure they are almost entirely clear.

I’m sure she nowhere near ready, I’d let her ride it out and hope for drier weather.

yep i just harvested my white widow fems, outside grow at 20 weeks with 6 weeks of flowering, to much rain and cool humid days caught one of my 3 girls with rot last week took the rotten bud off and disposed of it and then the race was on i kept finding more rot on her I harvested her and decided it was time to cut my losses, then my second girl got rot both these girls had LST training and lots of buds the third girl, i just let grow with minor topping rained all night here and most of the day I checked her today and found a little bud rot that was it i harvested these girls today. SW NY weather has been cool and wet for the past 3 weeks. I was hoping i could make 4 more weeks

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Yes, I only removed the one limb. Only one bud had rot, but I removed the buds adjacent to it as well. I’ll dry the rest of the limb. The plant itself I’m going to allow to continue for hopefully a few more weeks. Chances of rain today, but after that it looks sunny for a good while.

Sorry to hear that man. I don’t have the time to do so now, but in a couple days I need to go over my plants with a fine tooth comb, I doubt I only have one bud with rot.

good luck, lesson learned by me last year I grew in 5 gal pots and could move the plants arounf, this year i did raised bed, going back to pots next year. The first buds i cut off above the bud rot look like they are rot and mold free so far. I am lucky that i had an inside grow earlier that i harvested in the beginning of August that gave about a 1/2 lb of buds so im good jus sucks to be so close to the end