Bud Rot - Week 7

So I’m nearing end of week 7 with a couple outdoor hybrids in 5-gallon smart pots with soil. Breeder says 56 days in flower. Pistils are about 80% turned (other than some popcorn buds that I’m not sweating either way). Trichomes are probably 50/50 clear/cloudy. Plant is still really green, but I think it’s really close - particularly since I’m not much of a couch lock guy. Been fighting back powdery mildew for about 10 days…and now starting to find some bud rot. Found a couple spots a couple days ago, cut it out. And more today, on different colas. I started flushing today, as soon as I found the rot. I was hoping to start a 2 week flush this weekend, but I feel like I’m going to be cutting out more big bud chunks every day as fight this rot. Do you think I should run an expedited flush with Clearex (just ordered for overnight delivery) and then chop them early next week? I wanted to upload some pics but having issues with computer – so just figured I’d see if anyone has any general thoughts on how to deal with late flower bud rot.

Bud rot has been terrible this year. If this is your only plant, I do recommend chopping early, rather than possibly losing all of it.
Unless you have 10 more plants going?? Just a suggestion.


Agree with @Covertgrower. I had bud rot too this grow and thought I could just cut it out and h202 spray to keep them going to the end. All I got was a lot more rot. Threw away so much bud about cried. It won’t stop, just spread. Harvest it while you can.


I only have 2 plants…each of which I’ve found some rot on. Thanks for chiming in

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Ugh…its the worst. Big beautiful sticky flower, right in the trash can.

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I’m having the same problem but just on 2 out of the 6. The plants that have the dreaded rot are AK47 never grew it before. I’ll be chopping down the end of this week.

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Agree with all about the bud rot. Covert helped me out about 3 weeks ago. Was able to slow it down but with a bunch of wet cool nights, things are popping back up. Tricomes are 50/50. Thinking about this weekend.


I found some today too on my ripest lady. I removed and sprayed with lost coast plant therapy to kill any spores this morning. Will be checking daily and will harvest if it progresses. Hoping to significantly slow it for 2 weeks. Good luck, everyone.

I am growing in a greenhouse and lost part of a White Widow Autos grow to bud rot. This time I am growing some Gorilla Glue Autos and harvested two, one still not ready. This time I have had a veritable little hurricane, as in a serious fan on them the minute they flowered, and no issues.

Yeah hoped for at least another week but have had to cut off a big cola tonight. So how many more times before I call it. It will be good smoke regardless!


Glad we’re all struggling together! Ha. I just inspected again and didn’t find any. Gonna wait to chop til I find more. :call_me_hand:

Hey that’s fantastic! I have been able to hold it off for almost 3 weeks. Good luck brother. Happy harvest! I cant wait to sample my girls!


Beautiful greenhouse! And good luck!

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Thank ya brother.

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You think if I just run a bunch of water through the soil for the next 2 or 3 days it will “flush out” the recent feeds?

It will definitely help, but can increase chances of more bud rot, so be careful.

Ugh…I can’t catch a break!

I’m in the same boat… I screwed up with some homemade nute mix a month or so ago and where those stressed parts are, I’m seeing little specs of bud rot. I’ve just been picking them out, discarding the rot part, and drying the rest of the bud. The plants are ALMOST ready (1or 2 weeks left to go, just starting to get milky trichomes) but we’ve had tons of rain and wind, and now are about to head into 4-5 days of sun so I want to push them for another week. The buds get bigger every day! Plus I just gave the last round of organic bloom fertilizer so need to wait a week or two to flush anyways? Does my instinct to push it a week make sense? The posts above seem to support this but just want someone to tell me it will be OK :laughing:

Keep an eye on them everyday. The mold moves quick! It makes sense to wait, but if you push it, you can lose your whole crop. I just made the call to chop a few of mine cause the rot was moving fast, and I want enough herb to last me til next season.

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That’s my dream too!!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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