Bud rot, pulled early. Help!?

Hey guys. I had an outdoor grow going well but unfortunately I live in a humid area. I noticed a bit of bud rot last week so pulled that bud off. We had heavy rain and bad humidity all night and checked the plant this morning and two whole colas had bud rot. farkI thought and in a bit of a panic I pulled the whole plant or else I felt like I would have lost it? It had 3-4 weeks of flowering to go so I’m hoping the smoke isn’t complete shit.

Any ideas or insight? Did I do the right thing?

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Just my 2 pennies no, I had to do the same thing an I believe @thedeernad had to harvest a lil early due to rot, I’ll wash what u can save with a peroxide solution


Pictures would help.

If you cut it then good save what you can unfortunately.
Cut off the bad stuff and be as careful as possible because spores you can’t see will be spreading everywhere.
Cut out what you see and then do a bud wash. (YouTube)

Dry it well.
And I personally wouldn’t smoke it I would turn it into coconut oil to eat but you could smoke it if you want…
Geuss it’s hard when it’s your first plant but your sorta risking your health…


I should have taken some pics, ive already trimmed the leaf and shes hanging up to dry now, i dont see any other signs of it on the other flowers they actually all look pretty good, but yea ive had issues with losing entire plants last year in this damn humidity and its been unseasonably wet, ill take a pic of whats left and load it here and see what yall think


I think you should bud wash.


ill check YT

Bud rot is a pretty common issue growing dope in BC! We see it all the time. Some strains are just prone to it. Others run long into the season and the environment just causes it. For long season growers here, bud rot is the indicator that your plant is done whether you like it or not. The first signs of it are a warning that the time is near. Then the fattest buds will get a patch of it. And ifbyou wait much longer the crop will be lost. Basically, I have pruning shears and I chop the good bud out of the infected bud. I know that sounds backwards but its not. I find anything thats good … not touching the rotten bits and hack the entire bud off there. Then on the other side of the rot chop the good material off and let the rotten bit hit the gound outside of the growing area. There should be no sign of mold or necrotic material, no light brown stained stem either. Then keep the buds that had rot in them… away from all the bud that didnt. Dry these buds faster than the non effected bud. This way, if the buds did have a few spores on them, the environment would not be favorable for the spores to grow. You can decide to use that bud for edibles? Oils? Maybe hash? Or just smoke it? As long as your ok with the possibility of touching a spore to your lips in a doobie? I cant imagine smoking the spores would be harmful? Something tells mebfire is the great cleanser?
Moldy dope taste really bad though, it smells yucky too. When dry its a wierd powdery kinda dry. Gross :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyway, anyone that grows weed outdoors in BC gets budrot… its a fact of life. No biggie!


@unknown and everyone else got you! I indeed had to harvest 2 plants about a week or 2 early due to bud rot setting in…

Wash the buds! I used 1 cup of h2o2 per 5 gal of distilled water, and a seperate bucket of just distilled water for a second rinse. Dunk them in each bucket h2o2 first, then clean water, then hang to dey with a fan gently blowing over them for a few hours. Once they are no longer wet to the touch, go into dry mode! You’ll be fine, don’t panic!

Some preventative measures I took because I had very wet conditions were, shaking the ever living crap out of the girls early in the morning and then a few more times as the day went on to knock off dew, as well as pulling bids away from their stems in an attempt to open them up and get air flow around the buds. Doing this bought me time to get my 3 blue dreams right near the finish line, they may have been able to go another week, but they too started to show signs of rot so I moved on them