Bud Rot/post harvest

I am a beginning grower that recently harvested mostly Gorilla Glue Plants, I am near the coast in Massachusetts Ma.

The season seemed to go very well however towards the end I noticed some brown masses on some of the larger buds on the larger plants, which I have come to think based on my research is bud rot. I cut out large portions of some of the buds before drying that were brown and that I opened up and saw that the insides were also brown and dusty.

After drying during trimming I found some additional rot and am very paranoid about it, throwing away anything that might be questionable, although there are times when I cant; tell if its rot or just brown mature buds. My motto has been, when in doubt throw it out since I have plenty of product.

My question, when I come across a bud that is browner than average, and I open it up and find green inside, does that mean it is not rot? Does the rot grow from the inside out? I understand more now that i have done research on how to identify and handle the problem early, but still not sure how to identify it in the trimming stage.

How harmful is it if some sneaks into my jars and gets smoked?

Any advice post harvest? Thank you!

BTW I never noticed any gray matter or white mold, just brown.

The brown is Bud rot the moisture gets deep inside and just rots from the inside out, some of it you can keep I use it to make topical pain cream and with the semis rot buds I’m going to try and make some Vape oil I see how that goes but I have tried light Bud rot bud and it’s kind of harsh but there are other things that you can do with it if it’s not too far gone, but as for smoking it I’ll hit the green LOL