Bud rot? Please help!

1 Bag seed & 1 auto flower don’t know which type
Outdoor grow
Fabric pots
Canna terra professional soil
No nutes, only worm poo compost, worm pop tea and banana fertiliser
Tap water with water conditioner and ph’d to 6.5-7.0 with liquid ph tester

Noticed that certain leaves were turning brown but not all. Then the buds around those leaves turned brown and died. Now more leaves in that area are wilting but not leaves further down.

Is this bud rot? Should I harvest early the other plant? (No signs yet)


Some more pics, and I’ve just noticed that the second plant had some patches where the leaves are browning.

Should I harvest all and just throw out the brown parts?
Can I smoke the other buds if I wash them first?
What else do I need to know?

I’ve pulled the plant apart and I can’t see any evidence of mould but it’s true that the buds were brown, crunchy and dying. I’ve posted a pic of the stem-you can see it’s brown where I removed the brown buds from and green above.
I know it’s a crappy little plant but it’s all I’ve got and I want to save what I can!
Is there anything that does this that isn’t bud rot?

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This is a bud that I thought looked suspicious- it’s brown ish but it just looks like brown hairs? I can’t see any mould.

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You can cut away the rot, spray surrounding area with 50/50 3% peroxide/water solution, and take to harvest.

I usually find that a caterpillar has bored into a stem creating the dead spot, make sure that if that’s the case you get the caterpillar, if not it will continue to damage your plant.

I would probably cut the whole top off, just below the start of the rot.

If you see no mold, do a bud wash and dry the nug. Inspect under magnification for any signs of mold.

I’ve had insects do similar damage. Have you attempted to treat your plant with anything to fight insects? It appears you have lots of bug damage to your leaves.

I was using Neem oil until flowering, but didn’t know what to use after that. My garden is full of whitefly, before the next round I will be looking to get rid of them. I’m going to put vermiculite on the lawn and see if that does the trick. Any suggestions for bug control welcomed!

Several on this forum recommend Captain Jacks, they say it can be used right up to harvest I believe. Haven’t used it myself.


whiteflies can be controlled using earthworm castings, also adding Chitin based products. Do a Google search, it might not be instantaneous enough for you, but good for an IPM program.

It looks like the plant pre-flowered and went back into veg. So you don’t really know how much light the plant got consistently, which could be a number of causes.

Good point @yoshi .

I’ve had several plants start to flower then reveg and all of those got bud rot.

I didn’t even know that could happen. I’m surprised as I am down under, it’s been summer here and I thought it was in daylight 12 hours a day. What can I do about that in future if growing outside and when you say light, does it need to be direct sunlight if growing outdoors?

And also, what should I do now? How can you tell when it re- veg?

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Ok, went back to your photos, I can’t say for sure it revegged.

Reveg happens when a plant is put out too early, starts to flower then reverts to a vegetative state, then flowers again.

All the bud sites start to shoot out single blade leaves, making a leaf dense cola which is a perfect environment for bud rot.

So, not sure what your longest day of the year is, can you tell me? And when did you start your plant? From seed, clone? Did it start indoors?


Do you have an artificial light source that hits her during night time? Porchlight?

When I started them in Oct 2020 from seed. They were indoors on the windowsill initially. They weren’t getting enough sun so I moved them outdoors.

They could definitely be getting some light at night from the house, bedroom windows etc…

Here the longest day of the year is between 21-22 December. They have been outside over that period.

They have been basically left outside except for one or two days when I brought them inside at night. They would have had exposure to light at night then, as well as not being returned to direct sunlight until late morning the next day.


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Hi Emily,

Some varieties are super sensitive to light pollution during the dark period, others not so much.

The worst sounds like the part when you brought them inside a few nights.

I have outdoor plants that get some light pollution from inside lights coming through the windows, but nothing too much. Never had a reveg or hermaphrodite problem with them.

Again, from the pictures I can’t tell if it revegged or if it’s just genetics.


1- what to do now? I would inspect for bud rot, cut away any you find, and monitor the plant to the finish. A first indicator that a plant is finished is that the pistols turn brown/red and start to recede into the calyxes, the receding part means your buds are swollen. Second would be the color of the trichomes on the buds. They start out clear, then turn cloudy, then go amber. Amber means the THC is degrading. People wait to see Amber because once you see some Amber, that should mean a majority is cloudy. Like a bell curve, a little clear, a lot cloudy, and a little amber.

2- What to do for next year? Try to place your plant/plants in full sun location, if you take inside cover with a box or bag.

If you are serious about growing a small indoor tent with a basic light would allow you to start plants inside for the veg cycle and move outside to flower. You could start a few, find a good female, then clone her and use the clones to go outside. Veg the plants indoors on 18/6 light cycle, them move out mid to late December to flower them(that’s the longest days so they won’t revert to veg). I say this technique because I find plants finish earlier this way and have less outdoor exposure to the elements.

There are a million techniques that will all yield good harvests, you just need to find the ones that work for you in your situation.

Any talk of going legal there? There is a guy named Heavydayze that has “a pot cast” show. He is an Aussie, super intelligent, and seems to be very active in the scene in Oz. He has a few clones he shares one is raspberry something, maybe mama. I suggest you listen to his pot cast and see if you can link into the community there.

Good luck, if you have any more questions let me know!


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@AAA thank you my brother, im not that smart to explain that simple .

@yoshi Sure you are! It just takes time… Sometimes I start typing and decide its too much and tap out, this time I persevered,

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