Bud Rot, please help

I have a Glue/Gelato Autoflower that I just discovered some bud rot on the main bud. I pulled out the affected parts, but I see it spreading. What should I do? Should I harvest now? It’s not ready, too many white pistils. This is the biggest, thickest bud I’ve grown and am so disappointed the whole thing might end up in the garbage. Also, can it spread to my other plants? Thanks

Watching. I’m a noob so no help. Have seen pics of bud rot and your pics dont look the same. Hope there is a fix for ya. Let’s see what others say.

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Thanks, I’m pretty certain it’s some sort of rot. I can see mold. I will really have to mutilate the cola to get it all out, so I’m hoping for some sort of solution to save it.

Bud rot, sorry. You can remove material back to fresh green and spray down with 50/50 solution of distilled water and 3% peroxide. Get MORE fans on the plant and keep as dry as possible. If you have a dehumidifier, now’s the time to use it.

When you do harvest plan on doing a good bud wash.

You can easily spread to other plants.

Mold will not grow well under 50% RH so got to get below that number.


Thank you for the helpful info. I will first spray with the peroxide solution. Unfortunately I don’t have a dehumidifier. It’s about 80 degrees and 60 percent humidity in my basement where this plant is. I have a fan blowing right on it. I could move it outside where the temps and humidity are lower, would this be an option? Or would such a drastic change from indoors to outdoors so late in flower affect it negatively? Thanks again

Can’t affect it more negatively than bud rot … :roll_eyes:

Sure; move it outdoors but get more air on it too. In future if growing in the basement you should maybe invest in a dehumidifier.


After close examination i found that the rot was only on the upper portion of the main cola, and that section looked close enough to being ready to harvest so I cut that piece off. I will watch is very closely going forward. We are supposed to get rain with cool temperatures which seems like a bad mix for rot so I’m going to keep it indoors for now. Thanks again for your help!

this saved my crop and my sanity from the evil Bud Rot !