Bud rot or mold on a few colas

Humidity is usually in the mid forties

Usually this time of year and for the next 5-6 months I need to supplement in veg with a humidifier

I have a link on this topic I’ll put it in here when I get a chance to find it I don’t want to step OP’s threat anymore

Basically what I’m asking is after I spray and set off the fungicide if it comes back is sulphur the only way to treat it ?

If I buy a de-humidifier and adjusted to whatever is optimal to prevent the fungus is that going to be enough I would rather not burn sulfur, I have ongoing respiratory issues in fact I have a biopsy scheduled when I finish this course of Prednisone and I would rather handle it another way any recommendations please

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You cut the milk with distilled water. 60/40

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I’m just curious, why haven’t you given any bloom nutrients? You’re in bloom right now. Because my first thought when you say, my buds don’t look like others, is that you haven’t been on top of your feedings. And also because of the issues your plant is going through, it’s hard for her to pack on big buds when she’s just trying to survive. She needs a healthy root zone in order to produce big dense buds. So first thing you should do is get the root zone fixed by having it at the proper pH. Then you can focus more on nutrients. Just my opinion though!


I haven’t use Bloom because I just found out about it since I’ve been reading the grow book again I’m piggybacking off of my friend who started this and he is so confusing that I’m going in another Direction and that’s with you guys I’m about to test the pH for you right now be back in a second

. Looks like ph @7

Honestly, that pH meter could be the root of all your problems. They’re never accurate when it comes to measuring the pH. I’ve owned several and they never work for pH. Other growers have the same stories.

I recommend you go on Amazon and pick up a decent pH meter, they’re like $15-$25 for a good one that you can count on. It will REALLY help you get your girls growing healthy!


Here’s a few more pics of my granddaddy I’m still having issues with the leaves bud

looks fine I’m looking into deficiencies now having a hard time trying to figure this out when I look at other deficiencies it seems like it similar to those as well

Thk u again @ktreez420. Eventually imma be a pro LOL

Yah yes, this is a perfect example of why it’s important to fill out a support ticket at the beginning of each new thread subject. Not only to help new mentors and admin’s that jump in, but to refresh memories of those who read many threads every day.

Soil pH meters are religiously wrong, based mostly on relative moisture. With picures zoomed, I see mold and bug issues in some of your pictures, along with some uptake issues and pH. Cannabis like to grow in slightly acidic soil, but keep in mind nature’s rain water is not static.


Dumme I’m new at this every part of this even the support Part I do not know how to fill out a support ticket don’t even know where to find it or located I am willing to fill out a ticket before I lose this crop

No problem man, that’s why we’re here :slight_smile:

Here’s a link:

Don’t be afraid to use the search bar. This can be very helpful to you as many other members have the same problems.


Dude You Gotta Lose That meter right away! …take it out and hit it with a hammer right now please!

You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor you could at this stage and going forward

Like trees said 10 or 15 bucks on Amazon, you’ll thank us forever! (forever)


Isn’t Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar good as an anti-fungal? And honey? I don’t know what it would do to the plants, but…

Just brain storming…

Its a rap with that meter getting the one recommended by the fam thks guys


I guarantee you’re making the best decision right now !

I thank you now, and your plants will thank you from here on out, I guarantee! :thumbsup:

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  1. strain - gdp
  2. soil
    3)grow- outdoor /indoor
    4)light- indoor 2 900watts full spectrum
    5)nutrients will send pics
  3. temps outdoor 70 to 90 degrees ( day)
    7)temps outdoor 60 to 65 degrees (night)
    8)hum outdoor na
    9)hum outdoor night 60
    10)vent yes
  4. humidifier yes
    12)inline carbon filter yes
    13)fan yes
    src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/growingmarijuana/original/3X/8/f/8f3cd9ab800497a60be8a682614bd48080d483c0.jpg” width=“690” height=“388”>
  5. ph- says 7 will have to send you the real reading when I get my new meter

For flower I would recommend getting the temp below 80F, it will make your buds much more dense and sugary with trichs. I flowered at 88F last harvest and my buds were so airy that it hurts me lol.


My indoor grow is at 77 thks for the good info

I got a lot of buds from my DWC harvest…like you said, airy hurts…I have jars mixed with both, and the airy buds just don’t last but those dense buds are so worth it when they pop up.

I had to mix them or jars with the best would probably have gone first


I’m confused now…? Lol help me out here

there is a deficiencies chart here that might help

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