Bud rot or mold on a few colas


I’m noticing a couple of mold spots on my buds on a couple of colas

so I want to know can I just cut those spots out or do I have to get rid of the whole Cola

Some advice needed please

I’m a beginner grower so for a few days it rain really hard and I was growing this plant Outdoors I believe this came from rain stayin on the plants too long if I’m wrong please help me temp been between 70 and 80


RamRam .I have the same issue. So today I am going to do some work and cut back most of the damage. I plan on pulling mine off by hand. Where the bud rot is will pull off the plant easily. Where you have healthy bud it won’t. Then you will get a better idea of the extent and be able to assess whats the next move. The temperature 70-80 degrees is good. Mold likes 60’s with high humidity.


Just cut the mold out, try to cut them without spreading don’t let it touch any of the good bud and just like cancer cut wide around them the rest of the bunch should be fine just watch them … and sterilize the scissors you use


Thks alot for your help. Jeff and para


Being a beginner grower of course I do have a few questions just want to make sure I’m doing everything right and if you see something wrong please please help I’ma start off with a few pictures 5x5 grow tent, just added fan, carbon filter 2 900watts spectrum leds 1) red pot strain unknown 1st grow ever wondering why buds not getting fatter than this day 55 2) green pot gdp buds not fattin up either day 40 am im being impatient or something might b wrong


Your setup looks good 5x5 is a great choice

Have you been pruning heavy ? (particulary that first picture)


Sorry im a infant heard of pruning but dont know what it is or just havent known if ive done it


Then maybe you should start reading Roberts grow bible, you can download it for free at this website

  • good luck


I have it and is reading and watchin you tube


Just throwing it out there but following you tube tutorials has got me in trouble just about every time I have done it . I’m new to growing also and have spent a decent amount of time on the web trying to figure out what to do to get the best results . Some of the videos get it rite but the vast majority are going to be wrong for your particular needs because even in the same type of plant e.g. white widow the grows will be different so what works for one plant will differ from what the next is going to need . If you find something that you want to try I would run it by these guy’s before I did it to my plants .
This is just me but so far I am having a successful first experience from using this forum and the Grow Bible as my main reference . If I find something else I want to try I do a search for the topic and see if I can find it on here if not then I just ask if anyone has tried it and they have always been generous with help. Good luck and happy growing …


Thks oldstoner all info is always helpful whether good or bad


Question Family this is gdp last couple of days plant is looking a little sick can anybody tell me what does this

look like


First pic looks like bud rot. The second pic looks like she needs more air flow. That’s the best I can do lol, but someone like @garrigan62 or @Paranorman will help you out!


At the bottom of your original picture, right next to the stem, you have the worm that plagues me every grow. I’d love to learn a good preventative for them.

Sneaky little bastards! They will leave sign like a tomato worm. Little pellets. If you see even one, search each and every bud. They twist and turn in there and blend extremely well!

I pick them and feed them to fire ants.

Search and search. It will still be there if you haven’t found it yet.


Damn @FloridaSon you got a good eye that is camouflaged well in there it’s like Waldo the worm


Thks @ floridason I’m a new grower I would have expected more responses from all kinds of sources guess people don’t want to help me out thanks again


Have you tried BT. Bacterium something or another? Check it out if you haven’t. It should be your answer. Its a devastating to any caterpillar worm thing that eats green leaves.


I havent @jeffro but will appreciate everyone’s input


Right on thanks RamRam.
Its a bacteria that blows up their guts. Ya only have to apply a little bit right were you think the worm is eating.