Bud rot On outdoor plant

Hi guys

My plants have been happily growing out side in the garden and estimate about 4 weeks away from harvesting

The environment is normally dry and hot, very low humidity.

It started raining 48 hours ago, and we got 2 inches in a day… Was rushing around staking the branches and shaking off the water when I noticed the main top bud had bud rot in about 1/4 inch of it (it is over 6 inches long)
I immediately pulled off the diseased part, which came off easily.

My question is do I need to cut off the entire bud or wait and see if it has spread. The rain should be over in about 12 hours.and things should them dry out.

Would hate to lose the plant, but didn’t want to do anything til the rain is over

Unfortunately there is no photos as I was in a mad panic trying to save my heavy branches


as long as you get the affected area off of there. I usually take a bit extra off near the area just to be safe, but never the whole bud…

When you get to the point of harvesting them, you may consider a bud wash just to be sure you killed it all. simple as dipping buds/branches in a peroxide/water mix and hang to dry.

Hopefully others chime in, as I am far from a pro…


Thanks @Ron330

We are not use to the rain here and still going :joy: :joy: … Might go out and cut a little more off and smoke it…the bud rot just came off in my hand.
Am hoping the other girls hold up in this rain, I have cut up all my pantyhose to the up the heavy branches hehehe

And thanks for the advise on the peroxide…do u know offhand on how much peroxide water ratio I use?

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The mix is 1 cup of 3% peroxide to 5 gal water.
And you’ll also need another 5 gal bucket for a rinse bucket. Just plain water in the second one.


Thanks for that @Oldguy :relaxed: xx

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@Lethal More than welcome. :wink:

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I spray 50 50 h2o2 to water… that is a preventative thing and can hinder spreading…m if there in pots separate affected plants from the rest and peroxide the crap out of everything… remove effected areas and keep a watchful… eye… indoors bud rot spreads like wild fire… outdoor not firmilar with it but I think it’s much less contagious outdoor to indoor… being open air and all… in a tent 1 night un attended took outnkore then 2/3 of my crop

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@fano_man Alas this plant is in the ground so can’t move it… Think it may have caught something from my pupkin plants. It has large buds but they have a lot of foliage, perfect breeding ground for fungus :joy:
We had 2.5 inches of rain over 24 hours so very wet… Am hoping it is going to dry out a bit now and will spray the crap out of them tommorrow. In the mean time I am shaking ghe Shit outta them to remove all the excess water… I guess I live n learn, pots from now on so I can bring them outta the rain onto the porch :relaxed:

Thanks heaps for ur advise xx

Someone a couple years ago had the idea to place a doughnut of a 6x6 foot peice of visqueenor painters plastic around the stalk so if it rains you run out there and pull the poncho up and over the plant and take it off or something while it rains and remove after rain…for this sort of thing

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