Bud rot on my plants

My Thai-Afghany buds got bud rot and im very depressed. How do I avoid Bud rot, both plants were growing great in the tent then I took him outside because my photo was too big outside and it had to go into tent for flowering and harvesting, now my Autoflower that I put outside got bud rot first one plant, then I found a small piece on the other plant, I don’t understand what caused the bud rot or how I can stop it but they were some of the best plants I ever grew I guess I’m going to have to start from scratch and leave the next batch inside the tent the whole way, but if anybody has any advice for me let me know please. Happy growing everybody.

I think it’s hard to avoid outside given enough moisture and strains that are not heavily resistant. Did they get rained on or was it really humid? Also I think insect damage and poop can get it started. If due to wet conditions, just do your best to keep them dry. I use umbrellas when it rains. A peroxide and water mixture can prevent spores from growing, but won’t cure what is already growing. Many of us are battling that stuff here on the east coast.

Yeah im in Florida.It broke my heart when I seen it on the first plant, I cut almost 2/3 of the plant try to salvage what little I could. The colas or the size of my forearm and they were beautiful, then today I noticed that my other one had started a little bit of rot. Do you think that if I do a spray bottle with peroxide and water that might help the one that’s remaining?

You have to choose carefully in a humid environment and monitor closely. Bud rot often occurs due to caterpillars burrowing into colas and crapping inside the flower which induces bud rot. High moisture levels in the environment can also cause bud rot. If I were growing outdoors I’d do it in containers I could bring inside during inclement weather. Also being on a preventative program for pests and mold are really necessary as well.

And always do a bud wash in peroxide at harvest to remove WPM.

If there is any rot, there is no wash or remedy whatsoever — just toss it. Smoking any bud on an infected branch can introduce mycotoxins to your body, which is no bueno.