Bud rot on my Gorilla glue

I’ve tried using a 50/50 mix of water and hydrogen peroxide to stop the spread on my Gorilla glue but I can’t seem to stop it. The plant likes another week or 2 and it’s neighbors (Mk Ultra) likes at least 4 weeks but no sign of any problems so far.

Is there any thing else I can use to stop the spread of the rot?

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Not much beyond good airflow and low humidity. May trim plants if too congested (blocking airflow)
Others may chime in a better way.

hope it works out for you bud. Welcome to the forum and good luck!


Welcome to the community ! Yeah good air flow would be your plants best friend , To head off problems with mold and mildew. You might possibly add another circulating fan an turn the exhaust fan speed up a little. good luck that’s a bummer.

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Keep in mind every time the plant moves it spreads spores that are naked to the human eye.
The idea is to bag the plant, then trim and trim it aggressively right away to try and cut your losses early. If you try to save bud to close to the infected area it’s probably already infected you just can’t see it yet.

It’s not stuff you should smoke, making it into bubble hash or oil would be suggested


I’m growing outdoors in a remote area, mother nature is my exhaust fan and being in a extremely humid area isn’t helping I know. I’m keeping a close eye on the rot and remove it asap.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent it from spreading to the nearby Mk Ultra? The Mk is at least 4 weeks from harvest and looking great, don’t want the Mk to suffer the same fate as the Gorilla glue.

1st pic the Gorilla glue, 2nd the Mk.

Not sure how the 1st pic didn’t load…but the previous pic is the Mk Ultra. Here’s the affected Gorilla glue.

Not that I’m aware of bud rot is not an ideal situation. The key when growing outdoors is to select strains that are appropriate to your climate rather then just any strain.
Clearly your climate needs strains that have decent mold resistance.

It takes multiple years and multiple strains to figure out what works best

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