Bud rot on my big bud plants

Hi my fellow stoners,
I’m new to growing. I’m in South Texas and my big bud plants have came down with bud rot. I’m sure it is because we have very high humidity and extreme heat.
Does anyone have the magic wand to get rid of this rot? I have removed all of the parts of the plant that had brown or rot on them… Now they look like a lollipop. I’m pissed because they here fat as a BEER CAN and looked and smelled fantastic. Any sugestions and or advise is much appreciated.

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As o understand it, once you get bud rot, the only thing you can do is cut it off and out. It’s like a mold, if you touch it then touch a bud that doesn’t have it, you can spread it. Now, I’m not 100% positive on spreading it but removing it is a start

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U did the only thing u can do sometimes a mixture of peroxide and water will help if it’s not bad I ended up getting it on 1 of my plants i wrap the bud in plastic wrap and cut the buds off to try stopping the spread or at least slow it down I also had mine in a Greenhouse so added tons of fans for air circulation if it start getting to bad u might want to think about an early Harvest sorry that s$%# suck

You should buy a good dehumidifier as that is the only way to eliminate the problem. Washing your plants periodically along with the space using peroxide and water is also a good practice. I have powdery mildew here which turns into bud rot if the humidity is too high. LOTS of airflow and good clean practices with a reduction in the RH is all you can do.

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I’m pretty sure a guy on here got some stuff that’s supposed to help you from getting bud rot @Willd what did you get this year to help wothers the bud rot issue?

‘It’s called “zero tol”


Pricey stuff! Have you used it before? What do you think?

Just pretreatment so far. I’m going to add it to my watering regimen and do folliar spray once we start to see powdery mildew on the clover in the yard.

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Thank you all for replying

I cut off about 80% off of one plant and about 60% on the other…pisses me off they were looking fantastic…


I’m growing outside

                 BUD ROT

During the last week or two of flowering, depending on if you use chemical or organics. If you use chemical,
you want to flush 1 ½ weeks to 2 weeks before harvest to flush out all of the chemical nutrients that your
plant was using. If you are using Organics then you would want to flush about a week before harvest. Giving
them plain water is fine, flushing them also improves the overall quality of your bud. Once you start to
‘flush’ you should check extra careful for bud rot. Bud Rot Happens when the humidity is high, if you have
fat dense buds, or if mold spores are in the air. Bud rot looks like a black brownish sludge that can quickly
take over your plant and ruin your harvest. The mold spores are air-borne.

Prevent and Control

Removing any dead or dying material from the plant helps prevent bud rot so does decreasing humidity and
increasing ventilation. There are also safe anti fungal sprays from hydro shops that help. If you do find
gray mould, cut off the infected part of the plant well above and below the effected area and remove it
from the grow room. Decreasing the humidity from 55% to around 40% will make a big difference in preventing
bud mold. Also having very big buds can cause bud rot, and would advise watching the areas on your plant that
have the biggest, thickest and the more dense buds. Try to have medium size buds rather than having big thick
buds. Having a dehumidify around when high humidity days can help as well.

To protect them against bud rot for outside. DO NOT foliar spary at night, doing this the heat will not
evaporate the water as well because it is night.
Water the plants in the day instead of so close to being night. Same as foliar spraying.

Make sure your plants are stress free as possible and checking plants often can aid in getting rid of
moldy bud before the spores spread onto other areas of the plant! Have a lot of air going around the
plants for bad ventilation= sick plants and a breeding ground for spores!

Keep leaves away from soil making sure they do NOT touch the soil.

Keep cooler temps at night while plants are on there down time.

If you have gotten bud rot already the best thing to do is cut off the bad buds discard them away from
you’re grow and apply any of the following: Neem oil, Neem2 which is a ready made solution!
Using high ph water for foliar spray prevents them from spreading as well kills the mold. pythium is
another good product to use! There are many other chemicals and organics that work, but these are the
most popular and they work very very well!


Fungus is another problem when you are in flowering, because they are susceptible to a fungus or bud rot.
Growing conditions for fungus are best when temps are between 60 and 80 degrees and the humidity is high.
The fungus is very destructive and spreads quickly. These kinds of fungus are air borne and can travel
to other bud sites. If you already have been infected by them the best thing you can do is cut off and
remove the infected area and then discard out of the grow area, then get a hold of some anti-fungal
spray and apply.

Fungi can kill your crop quick, so invest in some SAFE fungicide and spray down the plants as much as
you can and as soon as you can. The faster the safer… If you have had problems with fungus before,
do NOT spray them you will contribute to the fungus becoming resistant to the spray/chemicals you are
using. Try to keep the humidity down to the range fungus do not grow to well in. Keep a good amount of
ventilation around your grow, and if you have plants outside, always keep them quarantined away you’re
your indoor plants until you know they are safe.

Most fungicides are very nasty and eating them can be very dangerous so its best to use something on
them that is safe on plants that you can eat., Safer makes a very safe product that can be found in
most stores and hydro shops. it contains only sulfur in solution. Here is a picture of what bud rot
looks like when it starts to form.

To control to prevent fungus from forming there are a few things you should do.

DO NOT foliar feed at night, tends to make humidity higher rather than when you water in the day the
water has time to evaporate where at night will linger in the air.

Same goes for watering plants at night, wait till the morning or afternoon to water!

Keep a happy plant and will not become prone to infections. Checking plants often can aid in getting
rid of any fungus that may attack other leaves and or bud!

Have a lot of air going around the plants for bad ventilation= sick plants and a breeding ground for spores!

Keep leaves away from soil making sure they do NOT touch the soil.

Keep cooler temps at night while plants are on there down time.


This is long but very informitive

If you have already gotten some kind of fungus there are things you can use: neem2, neem oil works wonders!!
Potassium Bicarbonate, Baking soda and for other chemical agents you can use Plant Shield, Serenade and pythium!
There are many other chemicals and organics that work but these are the most popular and they work very very well!
learned a thing or two along the way. This seems like a good way to share what I know.


Yeah; you’d need a bigger dehumidifier lol.


i appreciate that, yeah im growing outdoors in Texas with this crazy high humidity…

what kind of strains should be grown in Texas, any ideas?

When you say high ph for foliage space… what is high? 12-13? 8.5? 8 would be much much higher (in free hydrogens) than normally used. Would this be sufficient?

Do differnet stains tolerate different ph foilage sprays? I’d assume so, but I haven’t been able to find the literature for this. Any idea if anyone/company/etc. is doing the research that we could follow?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to this persay and love learning as much as I can. If it helps, I have a background in environmental engineering (BS) and electrical engineering (MS, hoping in 2 yrs a phd). The more technical info the better (I love getting lost in deep thought and that feeling when one learns something new). Also ladies, I cook and love dogs. Just kidding, I cant cook lol. Thanks for any and all help. Cheers!!! :smiley:

Try a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. I use 1 pt hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water. You could use a lower or higher concentration,

How do I post some photos pof my buds. Afraid I may have bud rot.

Lower right hand corner are 2 icons, the 1 that looks like a monitor is for preview, the other is for adding photos, click it then the file location, wait for the photo to completely load before changing screen or adding a second pic