Bud rot on all 5 plants

I am forced to harvest early because the weather has been so dark, cold and wet, and I am seeing bud rot in several places on all five plants, as well as rot on some stems.

What do I do? Can I salvage anything? Some buds look and smell okay. Some look okay but smell off. And some are just gross.

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Dang that sucks never did outdoors hopefully someone that does will swing by.

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Alli can say is, me too. Hot and humid with lots of rain. I don’t want to grow outdoors for many reasons. Today, I ran out to the grow site and disassembled all 7. Bud rot and guns firing at squirrels. Hunters are out looking for spots to set up for deer season coming up. All I needed was some hunter to find my grow, steal it or turn me in. I have 30 private acres but is there really a private spot?

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If you’re just catching it, and there’s only one or two small spots of bud rot, you can spray it down with potassium bicarbonate and water. Basically soak it. This will raise the surface pH on the plant to a point that botrytis can’t flourish. It won’t irradicate it, but it’ll slow it down and give you a little more time.
If you’re seeing multiple big colas completely brown/grey/fuzzy get ready to harvest asap. It’s like an iceberg, you only see the tip of it. When you’re trimming be sure to cut out everything that looks infected and THROW it away. Do not attempt to clean it, consume it, compost it, or even throw it in the yard. It’s trash. Flush it or bag it and toss it.

Also be sure to do an h2o2 wash of all your good buds.

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Join the club, half my harvest was lost to bud rot.
I grow outdoors on 17 acrea but I stay mainly with autos for the smaller size. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can be a bitch, I statyed my grow early to avoid rot but we got hit with humid and high temps 2 months early and it never relented.

To combat mold/mildew, grow strains that are bred to be resistant to rot. You can also so a weekly maintenance of H2O2/H2O spray, milk spray or Green Clean.

An ounce of prevention with worth a poumd of cure…or in our case, a good harvest.

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@Drinkslinger @NavyVet420 @roseofsharon
They are not autos (brainless error upon planting). I live near Vancouver BC, and it’s been cool and rainy for the last 3 weeks. They (Crown Royale Fem) were only 6 weeks into flower :frowning:

We did the best we could. I took pics as close up as possible. The pistils are more brown than orange (concerning?) I dunno…I’m all paranoid now…what do y’all think?

I’ll be honest. Those brownish areas look like bud rot. I’d get rid of them.

Anything that doesn’t look right should go.

In the pics, those spots look like rot, but up close, they are pistils which are more brown than orange. Wouldn’t there be rot around the bud as well? Or do the pistils being brown indicate slight mold beginning?

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I think if you spread it apart a little you can see a darker brown inside the bud. That is what I have. I am glad my indoor grow didn’t have all those problems. I hate the lose but I have plenty good stuff. I lost most of my outdoor grow of clones, so I am not out money just time and disappointment. Some one with more experience could give you better advice. I am still a new at growing herb.

I am really sorry for your loss. That’s a big one. The weather here in Missouri has been very humid and we were gone for a week and boy can a lot happen in a week. Better luck next time for you and me, only I will stick to indoor.

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Yup Rose is right. If its iffy? Pull it open. The inside will be a dead giveaway. Anything brown, brittle, or stinky? Its a goner. Sucks but it is wat it is outdoors


@PurpNGold74 @roseofsharon
They are pretty small and airy, but pulling them apart showed no rot, so I guess I’m good.

Yeah, next year it’s autoflowers for sure!