Bud rot? Oh no oh no

It can’t be…


Doesn’t look like bud rot to me. Looks like your plant is very done. Are those seed pods?

Bud rot looks like this.

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I don’t think so I’ve asked that myself here

it’s called foxtailing


Yes that fox tailing
I agree your buds look done
Bud rot is brown and turns to powder when you touch it
Have you check tricombes?

Trichromes are mostly milky with 30% amber. She coming down this wkend. Thx for the help

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I normally targeted 20%my self
Woohoo love harvest time yayyyyyyy
Aplit her stem 2 days or so before harvesting if you like to try that

Here a guide if youd like to try it
Read section on stem splitting

Oh yea I forgot bout that thx for the reminder. Can I drill a hole through the stem right?


Ive heard a few people say You can but i find a screw driver works just fine using a twisting motion once outer wall of stem is broken
Its nit that hard take all of two minutes to do
Just remember to zip tie above and below to prevent over splitting the stem place a pencil or similar item to keep stem separated


I have done drill and it depends on how long because the stem is so wet that your drill bit spins creating alot of heat and I don’t think it worked as good as a split cb saI’d 2 days I notice the most change at 4 days

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It can be sone up to a week before harvest @Sirsmokes
I actually split my stems last night on a few of mine
Ill harvest in a few days i dont have a solid date in mined but no later then next Friday

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