Bud rot! need advice!

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Greetings Gromigos!

I have several large outdoor plants that are starting to show signs of bud rot. They are a couple weeks away from being ready. I cut out the affected areas and harvested the large tops that were not infected yet. I have a covered porch with ceiling fans and am thinking about moving them under it to finish them. It will shield them from rain and provide them with better air circulation, but they won’t get as much light. What is the lesser of the 2 evils here? Thank you in advance for your advice!

Clip the sites and discard. Put a dab of honey or plain aloe vera where cut. I think some do a 50/50 peroxide/water spray, but not definite there. But definitely clip the rot and chunk it.

Thanks Borderryan! Do you think I should move and let them finish under my covered porch with ceiling fans, or leave them out to get full sun?

That I’m not sure. I had a tiny bit of rot a few days ago. My girl is almost done, so I snipped it and left her out, no issues. I “accidently” also snipped another part that I dried and sampled. Not bad. But just keep an eye on it. And look for pests since you’re outside, I’m almost sure mine was caused by a caterpillar gnawing on it.

If you can put them on the porch when it rains and move them out into the sun I think they will be ok till harvest. Make sure to spray it with 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide to kill any of the spores. You may want to do a bud wash with hydrogen peroxide after you harvest her and before hanging to dry. Do you have any pic’s of the plant?