Bud rot? Mold? Take a look - am I hosed?

Have a hybrid growing outdoors in 15 gal pot. Was looking great - I was thinking harvest in a couple weeks - until this a.m. That’s when I found bud rot on a couple of bud clusters (yes, I was totally bummed). I cut off the affected clusters and moved the plant away from the only other one I’m growing (which seems fine).

Trying to figure out what to do next. Can I spray the remaining plant with anything to stop the bud rot from consuming the entire plant, and if so, what’s the safest, most effective thing to use? The white powdery spot on the leaf in the picture - is that mold or mildew? If so, will the same spray clear that up?

Anything else I can do to save the rest of the plant? Or should I just chalk it up to experience (I’m a first time grower). Something tells me if I’m spraying I need to jump on this quickly.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

The leaf appears to be powdery mildew. From what I can see, the bud looks good from what you trimmed.

I use 3% peroxide/distilled water in a 50/50 spray mix. I’m also not as far into flowering as you. Not certain of the cutoff point for that type of spray. @PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410 might have some better answers for you. You can also do a bud wash after harvest. Just YouTube ‘Jorge Cervantes bud wash.’ Sounds crazy, but works surprisingly well.

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I just harvested a plant early because of bud rot. I cut it out spayed with peroxide and put a fan on it outside and ended up cutting it. Lost a lot of bud to the rot but at least got something out of it. Had a lot of humidity then cool temps. If it’s not spreading you may be able to grow it out but it was aggressive on my girl :cry:


Looks more like hard water dried on leaf to me

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There’s a video of jeorge Cervantes showing him washing them.

@mpsharkie you have no problem that I see looks like hard water stain you have several weeks to go before I would cut it down looks great keep up the great work we have great members that can help with any questions you have we have a awesome community of people we are all looking for the same thing good meds and when it comes time to harvest I recommend giving them a wash here is a video that can help


So here’s my take:

  • Assuming they’re water spots (and these spots have shown up here and there on the plant for the past 4-6 weeks), there’s no need to spray for mildew.

  • Which brings us back to the bud rot. When I found the first buds with rot, I cut those stems off, removed the rotten buds and trimmed and hung the remaining, healthy ones. We’ll see how those buds turn out.

  • Then I took another close look at the plant and found another (partially) rotten bud, so removed that stem as well.

Here’s the question: should I still be spraying the peroxide/H2O solution recommended by Jza444 to try to keep the rot from returning/spreading to the rest of the plant? If I’m a few weeks away from harvest that seems like a lot of time for the bud rot to rear its ugly head again! Is there any downside to spraying the peroxide mix?

And THANK YOU for all your responses! As a first-timer I’d really be struggling without your help!

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bud rot is no joke. it can trash a 6 month grow in 24 hours. harvesting outdoors at this time of year is tuff. Fall showers can take it all in a few days.

continual twice a day checking is the best way to stay on top of it.
spray with peroxide solution when you see mold. if it’s bad…cut it out. seal in a baggie, put it in a 3’ deep hole, cover it with lighter fluid and light it up. Then bury the ashes.


I feel your pain, had bud rot on my best plant, she also went hermie. I harvested early trimmed the rot away then did the peroxide wash and rinse. In jars right now to cure. Salvage what you can and move on.

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Update: Was out all day yesterday and when I returned found what looked like a small patch of rot on a couple of buds, so to be safe I cut the entire stem, removed the bad buds, put the stem through the “Cervantes Rinse” cycle, dried and hung it.

This morning I sprayed the remaining half of the (live) plant with the recommended 50/50 peroxide rinse and dried it. So we’ll see if Mr. Nasty Rot does an encore performance.

For me, the big lesson learned - be more aggressive in thinning out the plant earlier in the grow. The buds on this plant (Rainbow Dream) are pretty dense to start with, but allowing several stems to grow too closely together was an invitation for the Botrytis fungus and mold to get establilshed.

On another plant I’m growing - strain is Game Changer - I thinned it out a lot more (see pics) and each bud cluster has plenty of room to breathe.

Thanks again for all the help - and condolences!

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