Bud rot/mold photo

here’s a photo of the beginning of bud rot, the darker section of the bud, brownish


So if you see that, can you cut out the bad spots and immediately cut/dry/cure the rest? Or does it infect the whole plant?

I cut out all the brown…it actually scoops out easily…and a circle of healthy, too.
depends on the size of the bud, amount of rot…if I can save a part, I will…and continue growing but being aware the plant is susceptible to rot.


I also separated this one from my others, just in case…

and another thing, the times I’ve found bud rot, the buds are pretty far along, so a harvest of the whole bud after clearing the rot out wouldn’t be bad, or even the whole plant if it brings peace of mind, but that may be extreme.


Bad break @kabongster but thank you for sharing - it’s good to know what to be on the lookout for.

I’d be tempted, prior to cutting out the infected area, to gently cover the rot and surrounding area with an airtight bag, tie it off, and then cut, in an effort to prevent spore transmission.


If you find bud rot in your room . it’s all ready there .save the hassle of the air tite bag etc. if you can ive just trimed it out . and let the bud grow ,or if to bad, remove the bud ,and remove it from room …NO Drying it in the GR …lol Hammer .


I would follow that procedure, bagging the rotten bud if it was worse. It’s bad, but caught early, it’s simple enough to just cut the rot out and dispose of it then wash the cutters, like @Hammer said.
If I had waited, the rot would have grown fluffier, died and dried more and been easier to spread.

If you haven’t, click on the photo and enlarge it, look at the dead trichomes and the dried up stalks they are on.


Did you grow that outdoors?

Yes…I started some auto ww in the beginning of May and grew them outside.

Luckily, the mold attacked the smallest one.
Unfortunately, none of the plants grew to my satisfaction.
Most of my outdoor autos look like a cola on a stick.

I blame myself…I feel I should have started them in June when the days are longer and the nights are warmer. May had lots of nights in the 40’s, a few even cooler. They were outside right away as seedlings.
I will try again next year, for a variety grow of autos…just start them indoors under 24 hour lights till the weather is right outside.


The reason I asked that is because I don’t think it was something you did. It may have been a nearby plant that already had it that you just didn’t notice.

Mold is spore based. It flies with the wind like any other spore. That’s what I think happened. I don’t think it was what you did with this particular plant. I think you got victimized by some other plant or tree nearby.

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After 2 outdoor summer grows plagued by small caterpillars and other bugs, bud mold, early frost, heavy rains, fear of a neighbor discovering the plants, hurricanes…I moved indoors for my first grow, started February 1 this year.

I will continue indoor grows but I have a small space (4’ x 4’).
I smoke alone and don’t intend to sell so I don’t need a bigger space.
Autos will be my attempt in the warm weather to sample what I haven’t tried.

I can imagine the spores in the wind in my yard…I live surrounded by oak trees, in the woods…there is leaf mold everywhere all the time.

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this is the first year using a tent outside for my grow…

I added the netting door…otherwise it was a flying bug hotel

I cut holes in the back wall, air and bugs went in, nothing came out without a little ventilation…next year, bigger holes, added netting…

some cola sticks

two smallest


Damn I love that outdoor greenhouse you’ve got going on @kabongster! I was thinking of getting one myself for next summer outdoor grows. Plants look great as well! I’m just curious though, is there a reason you didn’t add more plants to the tent? It looks like you have the space.

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No, kidding! Awesome, isn’t it?


Thanks…if I had grown better, the tent would have been filled. I started 8 of 11 auto ww seeds, then started the last three a few days later, all from ILGM, including a free seed from them. They all grew, but all my ILGM seeds germinate and grow.

I took the smallest out, I was going to harvest them, the trichs are cloudy, but they are popping out hairs like she wants to keep going, so back in the tent.

It was a bad start…all aspects of an auto grow are important with little time for corrections. They started slow mostly weather related (a cold spring)

I like the tent…my well water pH ranges from 6.8-7.3.
When its 6.8, the plants get a great flush with the garden hose.
Watering is to drain on the plastic sheet and there’s a slight incline to the ground, all the water runs out the tent into the yard and it’s gone.
the tent is not easy to see thru for privacy.

Honestly, looking at your scrog and all the progress others are making, I want to start indoors, again. These auto ww might be my intro to oils and tinctures and cooking.

I will have OG Kush (from my intro to DWC) for months, still, and it’s not from a lack of trying.
The buds are just that good.


Thank you :blush:

The mold won…the cola sticks have been harvested…11 plants, 90 minutes cut down and quick trimmed. A week later, another 90 minutes final trim.

I’ll need mold resistant strains for my outdoor grows…a detail missing from Robert’s listings.
How about it @MacGyverStoner, @latewood…maybe have that added to the “details” for the strains available?

In reading, I saw diesel and blue dream as having the resistance.
If the feminized version is resistant, will the auto be the same?

There used to be descriptions about those types of things in the seed detailed descriptions, or so I had thought. Maybe the autos descriptions need to be updated.

Generally autos, although temperamental with over feeding and being easily stressed into flowering early sometimes – as they come from hybrids with ruderalis – to ensure they have autoflowering ability, and in general ruduralis is an exceptionally resistant strain to mold and disease. And because of the exceptionally varying territory that ruderalis grows in naturally, they can often be more tolerant to extreme cold weather and some other harsh conditions than many strains.

Happy growing,



I see nothing about mold resistance in the fems or the autos details…a selling point?

I sent a note to have them add the info.