Bud rot, mold? Late flower

Please help, late into flower, all milky tris but no amber.

What’s this ? Trics or fuzz ? I would do a bud washregardless


I do this religiously regardless

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That white stuff doesn’t look good . I would cut and remove if it was mold . Is there a lot of it or just a few spots ?

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Looks like fuzz to me. I removed the few buds that looked effected. The plants a very droopy but not dry. Heavy buds?

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Good thing is they are loaded with sticky trics

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do you think the sagging is from the weight of the buds?

Will you lose potenct by budwashing?

that was my question too but the video says it does not.

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ive read that even touching the bud will result in broken trichomes (loss)

Not at all it Well actually surprised you even if you grow indoor or outdoor the stuff that actually comes off of it is mostly just scum floating in the air


I wouldnt touch the trichomes with your hand if possible. Just cit the buds down small enough so you can dip them without touching them. But no, the wash will not destroy potency. In fact, it actually improves the aromas. Haven’t done it myself yet but have dine the research. Will be doing it this harvest though!

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so you wash with hydrogen peroxide immediately after harvest?

and once you wash, you begin to dry/cure?

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correctamundo :+1:

But be sure to shake the solution off by flicking your wrist. Similar to the way you would get water out of a paintbrush. But don’t fling so hard you destroy the bud, of course.

any great videos on how to harvest/dry/cure? im about to do my first one.

ive seen some people cut/begin to dry the entire stalk of the plant (not cutting into pieces). doing that would mean i am unable to wash the plant.

what is the best method to go about harvest?

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do you dry or wet trim?

is washing suited for a specfic one or can you make it work either way?


Either way I trim my not personally a little

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ever do the lemon juice or baking soda too? some people do all three ive seen