Bud rot is trying my patience


I’m at week 5 of flower and bud rot has reared its ugly head. This is from today’s cull.

At this rate, I may have nothing left by mid October. I put up a rain shield a few days ago, and the next few days are supposed to be breezy with lower humidity, but our falls are usually 60-70f daytime, 40-50f nighttime with lots of rain and humidity.

Fingers crossed I don’t have to slowly amputate it all.
It’s my first time doing an outdoor scrog, and probably my last. I think the dense canopy is just asking for bud rot to settle in. Next time I’ll just let them grow as they want (with a little lst to open them up).
Good luck everyone.

Updated smoke reports

Hit em with 50/50 3% peroxide and water in a spray bottle. I spot spray when I see mildew and it does a pretty decent job of knocking it back if you stay on it. When it’s dry out can you run a fan on them?


I hit them with peroxide last week. Today it was baking soda/h2o. I found even more while spraying. I use a gallon pump sprayer. They’re big plants.

This forecast is like Mother Nature giving me the finger.

It’s just so disappointing. :cry:


Another product you can try (and it does a good job) is Potassium Bicarbonate. It’s sold as a fungicide and does work. I hit a patch of bud rot on one plant a few weeks ago and left it to see what would happen. It dried up and turned brown and was easy to remove back to green material.


I’d read that sodium bicarbonate is a good substitute. But I’ll have potassium bicarbonate by Monday.
Question: will spraying these bring my plants pH up? Just wondering what I should expect.


It raises the PH at the leaf surface but I have no information about raising the overall PH.


Go get a cheap ass box fan and start putting air on them girls… don’t fu@#in wave the white flag yet… c’mon… u must do your part all the way till the end… make it happen… this is your light a$$ kickin for the day… :wink:
You can thank me later… :grin:


I’m not surrendering. I’ll keep trimming that rot off until I’m left with bare stems.
There’s actually a good amount of airflow up there, (it’s 30’ up on a deck). The humidity is just ridiculous this year. I’m hoping the rain shield, pruning, and doses of bicarbonate will slow the spread.
I am trying to figure out a position for a box fan. There just so happens to be a gfci outlet at the end of the scrog.


Get on it… :grin:
Much luv fellow cultivator… :wink:



Battling rain, wind and high humidity.

Checked trichomes today. They’re surprisingly advanced. Completely cloudy with some amber on the sugar leaves. Interesting, because I’m only 40ish days into flower. Looks like I might be harvesting sooner than expected. The skywalker og colas are a decent size, but not where I want them. The Bruce banner is pretty disappointing so far.
Also this; no visible bud rot since the h2o2 bath and the sodium bicarbonate bath… of course the rain shield and fan might also be helping.