Bud rot in my jar…

I just found a single nug in a 159 oz jar that had bud rot on it. WTF do I do?!? I want to cry or punch something right now. Is the rest of the cannabis safe for consumption?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Are you sure? Do you make tinctures? That’s the only thing I’d use it for. Also, I’d freeze it until I did.

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Anything with questionable rot or mold is washed w peroxide and water then consigned to the extract bin.

Do you think if we sprayed the harvested crop with peroxide and water before they dried that that may have killed the spores and that was just a single nug that had rot and cured in the state that it was in at that time? Didn’t look active at all.

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You’re gonna have to make the call. I do a vigorous wash. I also cure in quart jars. Never had an issue, but I wouldn’t lose more than the jar they were in.


The "all your eggs in one basket " kinda thing