Bud Rot!? Help.. Now what?

Just opened my cure bucket that has a cure cork in it and I added a orange because I needed to bump up the mosture but I must have not cleaned the part of the bucket the orange was leaning against because now I have some sort of cotton candy growing!
It’s not on everything so what do I do?

Salvageable pile, I think,


When I see mold I toss it.


Toss the white mold . What about wash the buds in water and peroxide mix ? Will that help ?

I feel like I’ve seen people say it does, but I don’t trust it. One of those things where I know I’m hard enough on my body already, figure I can give myself a break there.


Smoking any mold is a big risk…that’s science


@Nicky You got anything else to smoke ? lol . By washing it , it might just start molding all again . I’d trash it to be safe .

Run an alcohol wash over it. That would be safer than smoking the buds

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Trimmed and trashed, I figured as much but wanted to make sure wasn’t sure if I could make a concentrate with it to save it or something but yeah mold is bad news bears.

I have a ton of Dutch treat to smoke but it seems so weak, it’s rated at 9% thc but my purple orange at 5% is way stronger I’m thinking of having it tested.

Right now I have 2 buckets curring from the last 2 cbd auto cheese I indicas I grew and this was out of the good bucket =(


when it happened to me i let it dry out remove all visually hit parts (white and brownish) and smoke the rest or give it to people who dont mind (we only smoke bong, i wouldnt smoke it in joint/blunt/spliff)

@Nicky What I did, only because I couldn’t bring myself to toss 14 Oz, was to water cure the buds to kill and remove the mold spores. The buds tasted like ass with none of the original flavor, but the potency is still there. I made hash with mine after it was safe to smoke again. The hash was an improvement over smokin’ the flower after the water cure.


Directions for what I did:

  • Place inside mason jar’s with a plastic bag as a cover.
  • Poke some holes to allow jars to fill with water when submerged.
  • Place inside another container and fill until completely submerged.
  • Tap out any air bubbles from sealed jar, and let sit in a dark room. I used a box for mine.
  • Dumb & Replace water every 24 hrs
  • Repeat this until the water runs clear for 4 days in a row.

    That’s it! The mold, even deep inside of dense nugs, has been drowned by this anarobic environment. Once the water runs clear for several days in a row, without foul smelling water, the mold spores have been eliminated; making this safe to smoke again.

I don’t have a lot of advice on what to do about your rot but I recommend the 62% bovida packs as an alternative down the road. Super cheap and they keep it clean and the proper humidity

@Budbrother what about RSO oil? All that alcohol and heat have to kill the fungus.

Cut it off and throw it away. It’s not worth finding out whatever trick didnt work and you been smoking mold for 2 weeks. Cut your loss.


I would caution against using the orange peel like you did in the future. I’m also not a fan of the no burp or curing with boveda. If your buds get a little too dry, then go ahead and use something like a boveda or boost pack. Otherwise let them cure naturally and use the humidity control packs for storage.


Heat makes the mold more toxic. My research led to qwiso or water cure. The water cure was scientific while the qwiso had no supporting evidence.

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I was thinking the initial extraction via alcohol would kill the mold.

I’ll check out qwiso

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Thank you for the solid research based advice and instructions, I’ll try and remember this thread if it happens again.

@dbrn32 I was using a cure bucket with a curecork but turns out I just learned the curecorks faulty =(
Normally it would burp until the humidity stablized at the 62%, then putting them into jars with a pack
@ThatoneAKguy same explanation =p

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