Bud rot & flushing - do I need to wash the bud?

Hi guys,

My Blue Mango autoflower is in the late stage of flowering & a few of the fan leaves have turned yellow. I’m sure it’s time to start flushing the plant? Is this a case of watering the plant with just water a few times for around 10 days or so?

I also had a fungal infection (bud rot). I bought Provanto’s Fungus Fighter Plus, a common garden fungicide, and sprayed the infected areas. I’m just wondering if I need to wash the bud as the chemicals from the spray will still be on the bud, I’m guessing. If so, how do I do that?

If you guys could also say when I should be chopping down and harvesting, that would be great.

Happy growing!

You will likely be urged by the more knowledgeable growers to cut out any areas affected by bud rot and then wash your hands and self thoroughly afterwards. I had bud rot on the last 2 of my outdoor plants last year and it spread quickly and I had to try and do my best to stay ahead of it but lobbing off buds. As far as using the spray, I’m not sure about it, but Ive been told not to use h2o2 mixed with water…


remove the buds with bud rot. That stuff spreads fast and can ruin a plant in no time. Don’t take any chances

H2o2 and water shouldn’t hurt anything on the plant. Bud rot sucks. I’ve never been successful getting rid of it. Cut the affected buds and try to be careful not to cross contaminate the rest of the plant. If it gets worse I’d consider harvesting the plant early.

I do wash my buds at harvest using 5 gallons of water to 1 cup of peroxide. Helps clean all the environmental grim off and also helps prevent mold.

It looks like you have some more time before harvest. Try to get your humidity down or at least have a fan moving the air. That will help out with bud rot.

@shindig153 thank you. Is there a peroxide you recommend, and where can it be bought?

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Hydrogen peroxide 3%. Same stuff you would clean a cut out with.

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@shindig153 When do I wash the buds when harvesting, when it’s dried or freshly picked?

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Freshly picked and trimmed is my perefed method.