Bud rot, early harvest

After diagnosing bud rot on one of her buds, I tossed the adjacent buds and decided to harvest the rest early. I also decided to do a wet trim instead of dry and turn up the ventilation to enable them to dry a little quicker. I’ve been monitoring as i go along and after viewing some of the trimmed flowers, I got really nervous when seeing dark brown patches in the magnified views. Let me see what happens if I shine another light source from a different angle. Thank goodness the dark brown patches turned green under the new light. Relief for now. (images below) I know I’m not out of the woods yet.
Someone please confirm that all of those brown pistils are normal in these later stages.

Photo on 10-3-20 at 10.56 PM Photo on 10-3-20 at 10.57 PM

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CONFIRMATION brown pistils are totally normal it’s just an indication of ripeness

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Doesn’t seem to be harvested way too early I see clouds just don’t smoke it right before bed :rofl: but I second @GreenSnek that the pistils look to be normal

Pistils look great and that’s some frosty bud! Having dealt with bud rot a lot (greenhouse in Seattle, so it always gets damp/cold about now), I can tell you that adding a dehumidifier stops it in its tracks. Before doing this, I have watched bud rot take over entire plants in about two days. Last week I found a bit, removed it and added dehumidifier, and when I harvested yesterday didn’t find a single spot of it. Just a tool for your toolkit. Enjoy!

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Thanks Bmacpiper,
Harvested, and all looks fine so far.
The plant was never rained upon. I covered it just to avoid the issue when raining. What I did fine a few days before was slug trails on some of the leaves and I’m wondering if it could have been the origin or catalyst of the problem. Next year I’ll have to surround my plants with a moat of beer.

Be well…elliot

Hey Elliot!
As you trim, watch for any grey or brown spots and remove them and a bit to either side. The rot can still grow after harvest. Might dry in a low humidity spot too to accelerate the drying process. Also, it doesn’t take rain—my plants are in a greenhouse with great ventilation and they will always get it in the fall if I don’t dehumidify. All it takes is an increase in humidity and a drop in temperature and you’re off to the races.
Glad it’s looking good so far!

I’m so close to the end of my first grow. I am so on edge about bud rot it seems like everywhere I turn I am seeing someone talk about it. I have 3 4500sqft dehumidifiers, 2 backups just in case still in boxes. :rofl:

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