Bud rot, Cutworms, Aphids, Thrips, The List Goes On

Well shit, this is probably the worst week I’ve had since I’ve started. I’ve first started with Cutworms, that led to bud rot. Now I was looking around after a horrible storm and I have found grasshoppers, Thrips (again) and now Aphids on the bottoms of leaves. I’m slowly losing hope for my plants :roll_eyes::disappointed:. I’m still fighting though and I still have about to a month left atleast. Just picked up some GardenSafe Brand neem oil extract and I’m gonna see what I can get into. Any other advice I might be able to get before I neem up the plants? Oh also I came home last night to a broken main cola on one of my best plants. Literally snapped off… So let’s just say I’m going crazy and a little sad. Will post pics in a bit.

Not sure if you have any support posts in there to help with the colas. Bud rot sucks. Chopped a plant early cause of it. Started keeping a fan on the girls at night towards end even outside. Figured it was the cold nights and the morning dew that was starting the rot.

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Bud Rot

The cola I’m sure is just gone but screw it stuff happens I guess, I thought about rooting it but idk kind of just a lost hope. I don’t have a fan or enough fans to hit every plant just spread out. Idk how the bud rot started but I know the Cutworms follow it damnitt. Just a sad day.

Dude, sorry to hear about your rough time. No bueno


You want to mix 2 oz’s of neem oil and 10 drops of blue dawn dish soap to 1 gallon of good ph’d water. … shake vigorously and only apply at night or 4 hours till lights come on , if indoors… :wink:

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Sorry to see all your problems @Manny_FTGUTube… Hope it clear up soon for you brother!

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Check this link out first before you start ok

another thing for Trips is : One good way to repel thrips for those growing outside is to use garlic



Oh Man! @Manny_FTGUTube So sorry you are dealing with not one but 4 bad issues. Hopefully the neem mixture will help. Keep fighting for them. All is not lost yet.

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I killed 2 of those worms in past few days in my garden, inchworms or cutworms some type of moth larvae, Wonder if a a critter broke cola?

Those worms caused bud rot on AK-47 auto I grew, seems like they eat and flower cluster rots…

I like to sit and look for them, then peel them off buds & kill them :bomb::hocho::coffin:


Yeah it’s definitely a sad day so far but no action yet just gonna bite the bullet and do what I can for as long as I can.

@peachfuzz I know people have ups and downs on the neem subject getting sprayed on buds but I plan on washing them after anyways so I’m gonna give it a try! I got faith in your wisdom peach fuzz so I’m gonna give it a shot. They are outdoors so I’m going to either do it a little later tonight so no burn or tomorrow early morning.

@Zombo yeah brother it seems like they all appeared last night like the storm brought it all in at one time.

@garrigan65 gonna give it a read before any action for sure thanks for the link my friend!

@AnneBonny Ive got faith in this stuff and I’m sure it’s gonna take some time and work but we gon’ see!

@Big123 yeah I feel like the Cutworms are definitely a good start to bud rot the little bastards :imp:. No the wind from the storm broke it, my big plants were almost knocked over. A few plants were laying down but still rooted. Lots of snapped branches. Just a depressing sight. I’ve killed at least 15 yesterday just picking through the plant and a few on others.

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Try to stake those ladies up the best you can, I killed over 10 inchworms off my AK-47 auto plant in one day last month.

Look from bottom up, I found 2 cocoons under some leaves, after they get full they make cocoon…

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I have got some staked up now the ones that were bent over were staked already haha the wind was just crazy here last night. Those little bastards man. I hope I don’t find any cocoons I’ll be pissed cause I’ve already found a bunch of fat Cutworms :roll_eyes:

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I went out and looked for inchworms this afternoon and found 2 more. They’re smaller and a different color than ones from last month, the ones last month looked like yours. Going to be on look out for them tomorrow when I get garden time…

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I guess it’s just that damn time of year for the ferkin’ bugs. Early on I thought I had white flies, saw one fly come out of the tent once and so everyone got DE, the soil, the entire plant. Nothing on the yellow sticky traps or the sticky fly paper I hung around the tent. Then my 2 White Widow autos bloomed, late but they bloomed, Started having issues with some leaves falling of, not horrible, and then while checking trichs on my Widows I saw a few spider mites but they were already budding. I used a makeup brush to put DE on the leaves from top to bottom except buds and their sugar leaves. Thinking about taking them outside to hose off completely and ridding myself of the hangers on spid mites. I am afraid my Widows aren’t going to make it another 3 weeks and I have no clue how fast they could totally ruin my harvest. Torn about possibly harvesting early. Again it must be that time of year. So sorry that so many are having issues :cry::cry::cry::palm_tree::cactus::ear_of_rice::herb::seedling:


bummer :cry: i feel for you


@garrigan65 gives a lesson regarding spider mites on post 35 of this thread:

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I’ve found some huge green ones close to an inch big but I drowned him :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.

@FreakyDeekie good do what you can while you can for preventative maintenance. I’m not gonna let these buggars kill my mood or plants! I’ll kill em all :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.

@greenthumbfun thanks man but it definitely sucks to see :roll_eyes:


“I’m not gonna let these buggars kill my mood or plants!”

LOVE the attitude! I’m lucky that I haven’t suffered a real infestation. But I have spent hours and hours hunting critters! (A few inchworms, a couple of grasshoppers, some white flies . … but mostly leafhoppers . . . !) Hang in there! You know what you need to do. You will be rewarded BIG TIME for remaining diligent! :sunny:


@arpeggio Never my friend. I’ve worked to hard on this crop and spent countless hours taking care of it. I’ll be damned if a few bugs can kill my pride and joys lol. I found two grasshoppers that got killed on the spot lol one was eating and one was the lookout…let’s just say he didn’t look out to well :smiling_imp:

Then my buddy on my biggest plant I see is still hanging around making sure no one touches the queen! So happy he’s around still! Might even go the extra length to buy a couple dozen more. This one got relocated to my home base though lol

That’s the 9 1/2 ft plant