Bud rot by the beach

Had to move two plants outside that sprouted sacks and the humidity averages about 60% around here. My guess is that it’s bud rot but wanted to get a 2nd opinion.

Jonny Utah


Not to sure man. @Hellraiser @repins12 ?


just A question did spray anything on it

That’s a bummer ! I agree with you sadly it looks like Bud rot to me. I have experienced it a couple times outside late fall lot of rain high humidity.


60% outdoors is nothing.

Tear that thing open, I’m betting there is a small caterpillar in there.


Yeah looks rotten or taken over by caterpillars,

There have been a couple caterpillars on there and little brown specks on the leaves/buds too. I did try and spray them off with water the other day and shook them out to get as much water off of them as possible.

The truth is I haven’t given much love to the plants outside since they hermied.

If bugs are munching on 1/2 of the buds, do you think it’s time to toss?

Jonny Utah