Bud rot? autoflower og kush

everyone says you only learn by making mistakes…add this to my list. i didn’t know these were autos when i planted them. the older plant got off to a bad start. the 2 younger plants seemed to do much better, but never got very big. maybe too much LST for autos?

is this bud rot? based on the pics and how i have handled these plants, i’m afraid its obvious, but i’d love to hear from you all. if so, can i salvage parts of these plants/buds?

details: og kush, germinated in 3.5 months ago. kept indoors until it was warm enough outside. i can go into the nute/lighting if necessary. thise were never exposed to rain, but its been high 80’s and humid lately with cooler evenings. the temp change has caused a lot of dew in the mornings, but plenty of morning and afternoon sun. its 9:45am and 80 degrees now with 65% humidity already this morning.

the separate bud photo is from a 4.5 month plant that i clipped the top bud off 6 weeks ago. i hoped these lower buds might fatten. in hindsight, that seems obviously stupid!

i’m more concerned about the 3.5 month olds and saving what i can from them. i don’t have a loupe.

buds from older plant:

younger plants (2 of them):

thanks in advance!

Yeah that’s def rot .my opinion is to trash them and start over. It’s not worth risking smoking anything that might be moldy. I think you can make bubble hash out of the salvageable ones but I’m not sure, never done it .