Bud Rot? and other problems

I have a couple of bud tips turning brown, but not seeing grey mold in the buds. This is outdoor Gorilla Glue, maybe 3 to 4 weeks from (normal) harvest. No caterpillars, no rain, northern California climate.

Another view.

I’m spraying with Sarenade Bt usually used for powdery mildew, and I know I could spray with diluted vinegar or baking soda to change the pH. Any suggestions?

Did you cut and remove the infected buds ? It will spread if not removed .

Yeah, right now it’s just the tips, but I was planning on watching the buds get huge and heavy if it goes full term (maybe 3 weeks). I have some trichome development, and may harvest early.

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Hi. Having the same situation in Boston. Cut out the rot. I cut some out, but panicked and pulled 4 plants too early. Still maintaining 3 beauties. Going to H2O2 spray this weekend and wash in same at harvest in 5 gallon bucket. Comes highly recommended. Good luck man.:sunglasses:

@stretchgfw.1957 My pile of cleaned out bud rot and trim.
I sprayed with Spinosad to kill the caterpillars, and Sarenade to kill the fungus rot.
I’ll be checking closely, see if I can stretch the harvest to mid-October or when the trichomes are ready.

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Same boat here bro. Good luck. Ill send pic’s next weekend. @Budlite

I do have white moths in the garden, now they are in the weed. Unsuccessful in swatting the moths with a tennis racket. Maybe I need a Zapper for the bugs.

Unfortunately this is another bad year for bud rot I’m on the east cost and it’s bad here been lucky to catch it early just keep your eye on everything


But what do I do about it? Harvest early, spray it, powder it, help please it is going to get all my girls. :frowning:

I’m battling it myself. Once it’s in the plants it’s hard to eradicate it. It spreads through spores, so be very careful about touching bud rot and then touching anything else.
I clip the rotten bud/cola about an inch or two below the last sign of rot. Immediately remove it from the growing area and bag it for disposal. Then I rinse my scissors with ISO alcohol, wash my hands, and go back to the plant and spray the removal site with a potassium bicarbonate & water solution(4 tsp potassium bicarbonate/gal h2o).
I spray the entire grow with the same solution once/ week on the sunniest breezy-est day.
I’ve covered the grow with clear plastic and have a box fan moving air. The humidity here has been 70%-90% the past month, with high temps in the 60-70deg f range. Exactly the kind of weather boytritis loves.
I’m pulling off 1-2 colas/buds every 2nd or 3rd day.

It’s a battle and it sucks.

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Thank You. I will get on it at first light of day. I have been touching it way too much I fear. I am a first timer and I have so much to learn. It was all going so well. Alas, nothing good is easy, right?
Nice garden by the way. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Every grow is a learning experience, and growing outside we’re all just trying to do the best with what Mother Nature gives us. I’ve been growing outdoors for a few years and I’ve never had an issue with bud rot. This summer’s humidity affected my mid summer indoor harvest as well as my current crop. I’m becoming all too familiar with bud rot. :-1:

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Few grows are perfect, and most of us learn what can go wrong and what to do about it.
I expect to lose some buds or plants, or maybe I’m just not surprised when it happens. I do a daily bug hunt, and my eyes have learned to spot caterpillars on the bud surface, I also spray with Spinosad Bt and a fungus Bt. But I probably lose as much to wind damage, snapped stalks, as I lose to mold. I’m in California and have had no rain all summer, but expecting rain this week (October). The rain will make the fungus worse.

My blessing and curse is that I grow too much and have too much weed.

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