Bud rot and mold

I’m wondering if anybody has ever had any issues with bud rot or moldy buds??? If so could you guys share some stories??

Yeah, it sucks…after four months of growing to watch a giant, juicy, sticky, frosty bud get mold and get thrown out, and then you find another spot, and it continues.

All that time, just to toss it.

The first time I saw mold, it looked like frost on steroids. Then underneath that “frost” was death and decay. Brown leaves, shriveled trichomes & stalks, soft, rotten bud.

I have never tried treating it with chemicals…I use scissors, trying to save what can be, checking daily and still missing some spots. Sometimes it’s just a bud section, sometimes it’s the whole thing.

If your plants have been affected by bud rot, it means they need less dampness, drier air and warmer temperatures. If you can improve the environment, you can allow the plant to continue ripening after you’ve removed the infected buds. In the flowering stage, never use fungicides or spray them with anything.


Great info guys I really appreciate it. Do the infected buds ever smell of mildew/mold? Also if anyone could post pics of examples it would help me out a whole lot. I cant see much wrong with it but my humidity stays high, I couldn’t afford a dehumidifier this time around and the bud I’m concerned about do look like frost on steroids

This photo of early rot can be enlarged…tap it, enlarge it to see the damage.

I have never noticed a mold odor, and wouldn’t stick my nose in the moldy part by the time I do see it.

Okay I can see that on the left hand side of the bud on one of the pistols are all wilted. Do you know where I can buy a jewlers scope or something to see my trichs

They can be found cheaper on eBay…just watch out for shipping from China! It can take a month.

Other folks have attachments for their phones, USB microscopes for computers…usually for $20 or less.

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Awesome thank you for the advice, I’ve seen people use the USB ones on YouTube they seem really awesome