BUD ROT! Advice needed

Should I harvest this plant now or let it mature more, I tried to remove all the rot as best to my abilities and I sprayed the plant with a 50/50 peroxide to water solution, I’m going to include pictures of every bud site, please let me know ur opinion!

Harvest now in my humble opinion…its will only get worse…i have had some major stones from my salvaged bud rot…the noble rot as french wine growers call it…bon chance mon ami.

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@James68 I felt like I caught it in the early early stages. It would suck to harvest it now Buh if it’s gonna spread I don’t want moldy bud


@James68 what do u mean bath, spray it?

Harvest ASAP
Peroxide won’t do squat.
Potassium bicarbonate at 1tbs/gal water will slow it down a tiny bit, but not enough. I see lots of brown hiding.
Time to come down.
Do yourself a favor and give all buds a peroxide bath. 8oz of 3% peroxide in 5 gal water.


From the look of it if you removed all the buds with mold there will be nothing but a couple little popcorn buds on the bottom.
You dont want a bud with ANY mold on it,
Others might have different thoughts, but if it were mine I would just call it ruined and get rid of it.
Wash everything down well and start over.
Just MHO

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@Drinkslinger ok I’ll harvest right now, I don’t want it to spread bc as of right now I prolly have 9 grams of smokeable bud, so chop it down, cut most of the fan leaves, and what do u mean peroxide bath?? Then hang it for about a week right

Link below is an educational article about molded buds…Pic is misleading

Here you go


Not saying my way is perfect or the right way by all means but this is what I did.

Filled up one container with 3% and one with water. Rinsed in 3% first really well and repeated in the water only. Hung it and jarred it. I have no more signs of the WPM and seems to be curing fine.

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@Jbum do u agree I should harvest now?

Yes salvage what ya can. Good advice above

I have the scissors in my hand!

Yes I would chop it also. And when you do, look at the inside of the stems, are they black or brown? If so, your entire plant is done. Sucks bro, but keep your head up and start again, start the new grow with more ventilation and you should be good. Your buds were looking really frosty too, good luck with your new run.

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wash the buds you harvest

Drinkslinger post is what I mean.

so just dip the plant in this peroxide with water and hang it like normal? Or do I cop each cola and put them in mason jars