Bud of the month rules. Revised 11-2020


In order to show our appreciation for our Seed bank Customers; We here at ILGM would like to invite you to participate in a monthly contest. This contest is open to confirmed purchasers of seeds from our company, who are located in The U.S. We are sorry to limit the prize to just the U.S., but due to many issues shipping to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and a deal in the works for Canada. We can no longer ship anywhere but, the U.S. In the event a Canadian entry from a legit ILGM customer enters and wins; We will offer that winner a chice of an ILGM T-shirt from our shop.

To enter: You must show a picture of one healthy bud image from a plant grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seed bank. Sick or diseased entries will be omitted from the ocntest.

  1. Entries will open approximately the 7th of each month, until approx. 2 weeks. To enter: Make a post in the current “Bud” of the month Contest, by the deadline posted each month. Post the name of the ILGM strain you are growing, or have grown and the orderconfirmation #. Upload a great picture of your favorite bud.

  2. Entries will close at Midnight of the deadline posted. We will build a poll and all members, and staff are allowed to vote. Vote for the “Bud” you love.

  3. There will only be 1 vote per IP address or household allowed.

  4. The “Bud” of the Month winner will receive a packet of 5 seeds from the ILGM Seed bank. Any strain. (U.S. only)
    All prizes will be handled and ordered by “latewood!ILGM Administrator and Contest judge. Never for any reason, contact ILGM Customer Support regarding your prize. All Q and A regarding contest should be directed @latewood. Period. You can also use the BOM Chat thread to have questions answered about the contest.

  5. You cannot win 2 months in a row. If you win, then you have to wait one month to enter again. If you win a 2nd time, you must wait 2 months to enter again. If you win a 3rd time; You are retired to the BOM Hall of Fame (yet to be created) I think this is fair and a member can still win multiple times.

5a. In order to re-enter ILGM Bud of the month contest; Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

We cannot wait to see all the great pictures of your successful grows using Robert’s Seeds! :smiley:

Contest Organizer, Judge: latewood
Prize sponsored by ILGM seedbank

Have a great day and as always; Happy growing! lw :slight_smile:


Question, @latewood, are buds grown from seeds won from the BoM eligible for the contest?


On my first win I didn’t get a order # just received the seeds. On second win seeds were sent from ILGM seed site showing it as a order with order # I would think that if you have order # you would be able to enter them in contest. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I do have an order number but it’s not clear if prize seeds are eligible or if they must be purchased seeds.


My my. If you have an order confirmation, and seeds came from ILGM (it is hard to not be a smart ass…lol) what do the rules state? Good idea for clarification, though :slight_smile:


If that happened, it is because, we have had to cover information someone used to rip off the seedbank. so The company felt it was prudent to hide that info by using a generic email and then I always send you in the PM your confirmation #beginner
Anyone that has recently won can affirm that I posted them a Order confirm…


How do I ask a question on this Forum ?



You will need to spend a little time here and do some reading. Your trust level will increase and you will be able to create a new topic. Then go to top right side of page click 3 Grey bars and choose a category. Once page goes to that category click new topic. Choose a name for question and ask question. Then click reply button.


@TimK welcome to the best place you can possibly be!! Happy growing! :v::metal: @Bulldognuts Brother you have a talent for explaining things!! I was racking my stoned brain trying to explain that! Thanks again! You made it a lot easier than I would have! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


LOL :smiley: Thanks, I just try to remember how confused I was when I first started.


:rofl::sweat_smile::joy: No :poop: I know that’s right!!! :sunglasses::v::metal:


OK, thanks for the assistance.



You can tag anyone by putting a @ in front of there name I would be @Dman1969 tag me if you need me Brother. :v::call_me_hand:


You will earn badges for things like using likes button. This will increase trust level. So if you like something don’t be shy :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I would like to enter a photo. The problem is I shredded my receipt that came with my seeds. Is there anyway I can find my order number? I am going to be ordering again soon. I am researching different strains that I am interested in…Also, (Off subject), I am looking for a test kit that I can used to breakdown the levels in my plants. Can anyone recommend anything?

Contact sedbank customer service. They may be able to identify your order.

Break down your leaves??? Get a refractometer, and a leaf surface temp meter. Other than that I am not sure what you are looking for.

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Welcome to the forum @TimK… glad to have you with us! Just like and read and you will be able to share your grows with us! Great place to learn… :v:

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