"Bud" of the Month Contest Rules


In order to show our appreciation for our Seed bank Customers; We here at ILGM would like to invite you to participate in a monthly contest. This contest is open to confirmed purchasers of seeds from our company, who are located in The U.S. or Australia. We are sorry to limit the prize to just the U.S. and Australia, but due to many issues shipping to Europe, New Zealand, and a deal in the works for Canada; We can no longer ship anywhere but, countires listed… You will be required to list your order confirmation# for verification :slight_smile: In the event a Canadian entry from a legit ILGM customer enters and wins; We will offer that winner a chice of an ILGM T-shirt from our shop.

To enter: You must show a picture of a bud image from a plant grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seed bank.

  1. Entries will open approximately the 7th of each month, until approx. 2 weeks. To enter: Make a post in the current “Bud” of the month Contest, by the deadline posted each month. Post the name of the ILGM strain you are growing, or have grown. Upload a great picture of your favorite bud, and provide your order confirmation #, under the picture.

  2. Entries will close at Midnight of the deadline posted. We will build a poll and all members, and staff are allowed to vote. Vote for the “Bud” you love.

  3. The “Bud” of the Month winner will receive a packet of 5 seeds from the ILGM Seed bank. Any strain. (U.S. and Australia only)
    All prizes will be handled and ordered by “latewood!ILGM Administrator”. Never for any reason, contact ILGM Customer Support regarding your prize. All Q and A regarding contest should be directed @latewood. Period. You can also use the BOM Chat thread to have questions answered about the contest.

  4. You cannot win 2 months in a row. If you win, then you have to wait one month to enter again. If you win a 2nd time, you must wait 2 months to enter again. If you win a 3rd time; You are retired to the BOM Hall of Fame (yet to be created) I think this is fair and a member can still win multiple times.

4a. In order to re-enter ILGM Bud of the month contest; Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

We cannot wait to see all the great pictures of your successful grows using Robert’s Seeds! :smiley: I plan on trying to make a Calendar of all the monthly winning 'Buds"

Contest Organizer, Judge: latewood
Prize sponsored by ILGM seedbank

Have a great day as always; Happy growing! lw :slight_smile:


sweet…need my first order to get here so I can start prepping to win!

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The rules are plain. The rules are simple. follow the rules!


I finally got around to editing the rules to reflect the way we run the contest currently. Please read them again as they have changed slightly. No overall affect will be seen really. Contest will run just like the last few months. :slight_smile:
Happy Growing


That calender is a great idea @latewood ilgm should offer Calendars with pics of members successful grows for sale in the shop . I was hoping a little past bom winner icon was in the future for the guys that won . You know a gold star from teachers kind of thing for 1 win platinum for 2 wins like @Hogmaster and a diamond icon for the trifecta. It was just a thought we are like kids little crap amuses us


count me in it sounds great

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I would like to get a clarification on something.

So if we are growing two plants of the same strain at the same time, and we enter one of those plants this month and win, then we cant enter the other plant in next months contest?

I’m harvesting one plant tomorrow and was thinking about entering, but I feel my other plant that is not ready yet will be a better contender for next month.

@Rugar89 I would say no from reading this.

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Hello @latewood
Is it possible to submit multiple entries if each has a unique order confirmation id?

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Absolutely not. The rules are plain. 1 Bud 1 picture


Thanks again for clarifying @latewood.

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Hey does that mean there will be a calendar in the works? That would be very cool👍


Sorry. We were going to do a calendar but, when I tried to add the images to the software at the printer, some images were just too low resolution and would not print well.

They look good on the forum but, terrible in HD. again sorry. I really wanted to have a calendar.


wow, i was going to vote for the first time, but how in the heck do you choose? geez there are 6 or 7 that are just great and the rest are all very good. couldn’t find the “chat” thread for Feb 2019 so posted here.


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