Bud of the month contender

Beginner grower, my 3rd grow, first time growing MK Ultra O/N 678006 from the KO pack. Pretty pleased with it.


It is a nice looking plant! Unfortunately, you will have to wait for a staff member to officially start the June contest and post your entry into that topic. Should be soon, keep an eye out.


Cheers, thanks for the advice, wasn’t exactly sure how it would be done.


Noice I wish I could enter the main cola of my off brand tangerine dream auto, gorgeous thing was nearly big as your head oh well keep on growing those monsters


Very Niiiiiiiice…Still getting the hang of all this, learnt alot from my 3 grows so far, still more to learn


See that MK ultra pop up allot searching for G13 strains. Could ya possibly give a smell, smoke report?

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Inquiring minds do want to know… smells tastes potency?


welcome to the forums jimbo, lots a great people on here with a wide range of knowledge. good looking bud btw

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Cheers on the feed back guys, Thumper PurpNGold, Mk has a very fruity sweet smell to it in my opinion, taste is very nice like a woody pine taste which lingers in the mouth afterwards, nice and smooth. As for potency i can’t say mine was the best, think i still have a thing or 2 to learn in the curing department but considering i smoke a lot it still gave me a good buzz and am very happy with it but i reckon there is more in it if i can get it down packed.


In the picture above it was still throwing pistils on the tip. If that’s how it looked when you harvested, that’s where your expected potency probably was. Meaning cbn. Most street weed is cbn high because that’s the most popular. Now you can get great daytime weed that is high thc/low cbn from dispensaries (lume’s pineapple express my favorite in this category). But old school smokers want that couchlock there. That cbn. Why the express is bottom rung in price but my favorite weed I didn’t grow myself. Cbn builds as trichomes amber. Have to consider the entire plant when you guesstimate the percentage of amber trichomes on calyx. Ignoring all sugar leaves.

Just change the 40% darkened to 95%, no point in looking before then really.

That was at most 50% darkened

Zoom in on post 1 of thread. ^
When you think it’s ready. Wait another week.


Same strain harvested two weeks sooner. Gives a good daytime buzz. Little speedier than my aim still. But the darker one knocks me out, as intended.

Both are ilgm chocolope.
Ofc as soon as I said that it jumped a braket and there’s another one too. Ooo