Bud not mature on week 9

Is been 9 weeks and this sour diesel autoflower not mature bud if any problem? I should I wait she look on week 7 around 2 weeks



Any advised
@Covertgrower @yoshi @BobbyDigital


Need to let her continue to ripen. All of my autos have taken 16 weeks


if it ain’t mature then it aint ready. patience is a must.

I understand but I read sativa stain be 10 weeks, BTW 75 days to 80

Thanks @BobbyDigital @FullyMedicated

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9 weeks? in flower or since sprout? by the looks of it, since sprout.

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Since sprout @beardless

On flowering stage she have around 3 o 4 weeks

She have in total 72 days

You count the weeks to harvest from the first day of full flower.


@Underthestairs autos in total can be from 6 or 7 weeks to 12 or more from seedling if is indica max 8 weeks, sativa 10 and up

Im rookie that what I read and leard from seedbanks

You have a long way to go. I think my autos averaged a little over 100 days, sprout to harvest. That does not count the curve breaking jack herer auto that went 136 days.

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Thanks all I was worry cuz I read plants die on that stage without bud mature so I was worry a lot