Bud mold best solution to fix


just asking what would be the best solution to bud rot 1 week from harvest .I just discovered this last night and preformed emergency surgery to her I used a scapel and cut the rotten part from the bud hoping this will not spread I don’t wish to spray anything being so close to cutting down have I chosen the right course of action Bud on the left hand side of picture.


check your humidity and air flow. Keep that air moving an keep the humifity down below 60%.
How soon do you figure harvest



Cool have placed the plant right beside the 8 inch intake fan blowing straight on her have had a couple of cold nights of late so might be a bit of moisture hanging around so will keep the temps down and airate the tent by leaving a side vent open cheers


Good man your on it…let me know how she turns out and wecome to ILGM



Cool when finished will do


I hate to say this but if it’s only one or two spots, cut those off and harvest them early. Watch the rest of the plant closely and get the airflow up and humidity down. If you see further signs of it you might want to just harvest the whole plant rather than risk losing it.


Cheers its just the 1 crown so the rest are in good shape went right over the whole plant and but it down to a rotten leaf inside the bud causing mould so just cut the area out and keeping a close eye on her but if it spreads will just harvest that crown early and pray for no more mould to appear.The rest of my plants show no mould temps are good low humidity and heaps of air flow so fingers crossed


I was a little baked last night when I posted this but wanted to follow up. I JUST went through this with one of my WW feminized plants and ended up harvesting 2 plants about 2 weeks early as a result. You are doing the right things and you can spray the areas with a hydrogen peroxide solution (1 tsp/gallon?) or use a commercial fungicide, which I used and is food safe and safe to spray up until harvest. Still leery about that lol but better than losing the whole plant!

What a shame as you have a lovely girl there @mantas!


Cool if I spray I think the hydrogen peroxide might be the better choice just a waiting game now to see what happens cheers


this is a pic of one i had outdoors for a while its budding i just don’t know how to tell for mold
Pease everyone lmk how this one is going thanls a bunch!