Bud Hands have you used em?

I can finally see the finish line on my first run and am anticipating the day I get to submit my cured bud pics here for you all to see. I’ve been looking at others pics of their buds and photo techniques and I was wondering if anyone has used these or knows of someone who has and if so, would you let me know your thoughts? I dont want to be misleading in my images, so I was wondering if the same rules apply to bud porn as fishing photos? Thanks in advance fellow growmies!

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Bud credit goes to @ARaggedyDiamond



So if your asking if there are some bullsh!ters in here lmao??? How could there not be??? I just take people on their word and let it go at that. Why waste the energy proving their exaggeration? Congrats on the harvest and move along to the next post lol. But that’s just me and I hope that’s whT you we’re getting at? If not my bad lol!! TMI!!

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No bro. Every pic I’ve seen looks legit. Just joking around.

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If anything, I’d need em if I was trying to compete. :wink:

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@HeyJB theres been some call outs recently so it’s definitely been thought about. I call it Hollywood Magic lol

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Every pic I see, big or small, I love all! Its not the size that matters its the smoke! BUT! I will say I’ve seen monsters on here that just blow my mind! Like beyond anything I imagined could be done.


@HeyJB theres some peeps who could go pro if they chose lol. That’s who I want to learn from. Soak it all up man-it’s nucking futz that we can openly share ideas and methods to grow our own lovely homegrown. Putting some respect on that word finally - HOMEGROWN damn right it is!!


:rofl::joy::rofl: i may need those if i get to live to be old.

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Use em for grabbing stuff off the top shelf too. :laughing:

When I send out some D!ck pics I’ll be sure to grab a set to make me look HUMONGOUS LMAO!!!

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:laughing: :rofl: look like a cloudy trichome. :laughing: :rofl: