Bud growth question

I can smell them from here😊

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Me too. Wish I had problems with my buds being “too heavy”. :roll_eyes:

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Starting to really put out that heavenly scent. I was super worried these were small and wouldn’t fatten up, guess that is par for the course your first time.

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Day 42, it’s so difficult to have patience!


Looking great!
This hobby will teach you great patience.

Definitely the most difficult aspect of growing. The learning curve is the best.

Day 47, little over a week or so left!!

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Chopped at day 65 of flower. The interesting thing was all the hollow stems. Is this common or rare?

Love this site! Seems hollow stems come from carbon deficiency during rapid growth. Would guess being in a tent and growing into a big girl so fast found her CO2 deficient. Will be interesting to see how the girl outside looks at harvest, not in a tented space.

Tell me all you know about hollow stems and branches - #16 by RandomlyRan