Bud growth in white widows

Ok don’t roll off your seat cause I’m truly being serious. I got 6 white widows outside that look great but they act like they ain’t full but the hairs have not turned red but are not existent. Is it past harvest or is it something that happens outside. The ones inside are full of white hairs and no where ready. So are they past done or starting to get rock hard nuggets. Honestly they look to be filling out but never seen them not be covered with hair glorious red hairs.

They just haven’t started flowering yet. Depending on where you are, shouldn’t be too long. Most outdoor start to flower late July to early August around me.

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Thanks. Trying to not jump the gun on them but had a few with rot that want be yielding much and four that was ate up by pest that are finally doing better. This year rain has wrecked havoc on them the ones with morning and lots of hours of direct sunlight have done great.

Ok here maybe this will help.

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just need to be patient kiddo

Yeah I’m figured that out but never got to use storebought. I’ve only had what was grown since the late sixties by some great old timers that was known for good two toke. I’m always learning and these auto can be their on creatures. Enjoying the help from here. I’m sure I’ll ask foolish questions, but sometimes the only way to learn. I’m not a read and grow type. I learn from trail and errors.

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