Bud growing out of leaf

Has anyone seen a bud growing out of a fan leaf?


Not in person. But I have seen pictures of them online. So I’ve heard of it but I have not seen it personally. It’s a genetic thing isn’t it rather than an environmental? I can’t recall that was a long time ago when I saw that.

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Ooo pictures please. It’s a very rare trait I think. I’ve seen a couple plants have them, but sadly never in person.

Don’t know how to do the pic. I just noticed it and thought it was cool

As long as you have the picture on your computer or phone you should be able to copy and paste right into your post.


Its called bulbids when this happens. It is rare. Someone awhile back had it happen to them and posted about it, just type in bulbids in the search bar.


Mine is on the base of the leaf and not the stem.

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Yeah it happens, its a mutation… shouldnt effect quality

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Thanks for the info.

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Howdy everyone. Yea, it is quite rare germinal mutation. We are at this stage developing the cultivar with such a trait. We isolated few individuals from one of test crosses i did two years ago and after few trials we found out the heritability and coodominance of this trait we can handle.
By comparable methods we found out the yield is not affected and production of trichromes on these plants if increased. As the buds are fully fertile, fan leaves are lasting on the plants until late maturity as the plants are still expecting the pollination of these. We got into the stage where not only fan leave, but also sugar leaves are building a small amount of flower matter.
We will soon release written form of our research and hopefully the first feminized germplasm will be released beggining of the year 2021.