Bud gone brown during drying and curing

I agree with @Mark0427, it’s all in the slow cure, no light, slowly drawing out humidity from the buds. I hang the whole plant after chop and only trim off any big fan leaves. After 8 days, the stems usually snap, the buds are crunchy on the outside. My room is kept at 50% humidity amd 65-70’.
I trim down till the nug exposes itself. Mostly following the sugar lines on the tightest leaves as where to trim to.
As I trim I go to a paper bag with all of the trimmed buds and a small hydrometer. All the buds will get hydrated equally and yet continue to dry in the bag till they feel a bit hard but with still a little give. The hydrometer says when I go into jars and start the burping process. 2x a day religiously for 2 weeks. Usually at 10 days the cut lawn smell if any is gone and the terps comeback. With a hydrometer in at least 1 jar you can track of where they’re all at by switching it up between jars during burps. Anything over 62% and the jar stays open for 1/2 hour maybe…but always for at least 5 mins. shaking it up a bit to keep the buds moving around.
After you chop, the plant should be in total darkness at all times. Even when you trim only expose a few branches at a time to trim…paper bag stays in the dark, jars stay in the dark…always…store them after your done curing…you guessed it!!!..in the dark!
By the looks of your pics, you bottled too early, didn’t burp on time every day, and the bud looks larfy and not trimmed enough. So you maybe expecting more than what what was put into her…
However, keep in mind also that, Sativa leaning are a little looser buds and Indicas are more solid nugz.

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Thanks so much everyone. This is my first grow and I was going by the instructions from a Pot for pot, which said to burp every second day.

I’ll take all the advice and let’s hope I save what’s left.


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