Bud gone brown during drying and curing

I’ve been drying my bud and one lot was harvested earlier than the other.

I dried it in my closet for 6 days, and have had it curing in glass jars that have been in the dark, probably for about 6 days.

I have been burping once a day every second day except for one day when I forgot, and do burped on the third day.

My older bud has turned significantly darker than the newer bud (same plant) and is now a brown colour.

You can see the difference in colour in the pic attached.
It doesn’t seem to be mold- it is not white and I can’t see anything that looks like mold but what is it?

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Where they the same strain?

That dosnt look like healthy bud

Mold can show up in a few different colored outfits. Does the bud in question have a damp basement smell or a smell that isn’t right? When you bust the nug open, is there any slime or mush?

Yes, same plant

It maybe smells slightly “basementy” but not much. I can’t see any slime or mush.

I am drying in a clothes cupboard with a little fan on most of the time unless it is recharging.

Should I move the rest of the plant to the garage to dry? Should I burp more often and more longer?

Its possible the bigger nug didn’t properly dry and is harboring mold. More burping won’t hurt with the darker ones imo

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Do you have a small hygrometer you can put in the jar? So you know the actual rh…?

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No. I have a feeling it wasn’t dry enough because the stem didn’t snap, but I put it in a jar anyway as I didn’t know if that referred to the larger branches or the actual bud stem. It must be the bud stem. I will get a meter. In the mean time I see people writing about boveda packs-is it necessary to use something like that? is there anything I can use that is a household item instead?

Can I do a bud wash on the brown bud or just throw it out? If I am happy with how it smokes do I need to cure it at all?

Also, the only difference between the two is a did a wash on the dark one and not the other. May be the moisture from the wash has caused this problem? How do I dry the plant off more in future after the wash to stop this happening again?

Let me tag you in a thread and show you the “new hotness” in curing.

Bud does darken with curing but I don’t think that’s what’s going on with yours.

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That would probably be the source of the extra moisture

Bloody hell. All these months and I wreck it right at the end! I cut some yesterday, washed it and today I have the same problem. Is it too late to do peroxide wash? If the buds inside seem ok can I just cut the mold off and bath it?

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It might not be mold as much as its just too wet for curing

And if you do a wash,make sure and blow a fan directly at them until dry.

all strains will dry or cure differently. I have one that is top shelf unless there is moisture or light, very short life. you should know that when the flower is dry and crunchy outside the stem inside is still wet. I now hang mine on wire cages to ill say over dry then store in 20gallon food grade barrels that are a solid color. If I dont do this mine will brown and I end up throwing it out in a matter of weeks. Stems will never dry at the same rate as the rest of the flower

Thanks that’s really helpful. So firstly does there need to be absolutely no light during the drying and/or curing process? How do you check how it’s going? Mine was in the cupboard and I was pulling it out into the light to see it.
Second- I was using clear glass Jars in the dark cupboard- would it be better to be in solid coloured plastic? do I need to burp without letting light in?
Third- now the brown buds are basically so crunchy they’re not smokable. Is this what would happen to yours?
Any advice on how to do this to avoid those (and any other) common pitfalls is appreciated!
I don’t think this is mold, but I did a lemon and baking sofa wash and I wonder if it’s got to do with that? The bud I didn’t wash is nice and green.

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When i dry and cure i never eait til sticks snap its usually too late here then and the buds taste like crap. I go hanginging til they fdel dry on the outside of the bud but still a bit moist inside. Trim it all up and jar it with hygrometers. If the rh gets to be over 70 i open jars for hours not minutes sometimes dumping buds out to air for a bit then put back and cap again if rh is not between 58 and 62 atea at nightime i unscrew the lids and put them over the holes of the jars halfway so they get air but not a ton. Next mo r ning dump out mix up and recap for 12 hrs and check the rh again if over t8 to 62 repeat process. Found thiz to be the easiest for ne to keep flavors and snells in

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