Bud density any ways of enhancing it

Hi everyone I have a question today I’m growing Jack her I got some beautiful looking bugs and I want to know if there’s any way that you can make the bud density tighter

looking through the microscope she is looking very close to being done amber and dark amber tricones and xloudy


Beautiful frost on her :+1: looks great! More or better light is usually a big one for a lot of home growers and some use PK boosters some don’t, some one with loads more knowledge I’m sure will come by with more advice… remember not all strains are created equal some are super leafy and some are more bud some rock hard dense nugs and some strains that just don’t get as heavy as well

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Thanks man I was thinking in the same as you said it could just be the strain my light is a 4k with meanwhile drivers and Sony LEDs I mean it’s no California works light but I have gotten big tight buds under it I’ve been hearing about sugar or some way of enhancing I read it some where idk it talked about using molasses something that with the plant with digesting turn the carbohydrates with the national leave then turn to sugar you know there’s so many different ways of doing things Im always looking for new science and improving our growth


Oh yeah tons of people use that too feeds the beneficials in the soil improves soil health among many other things good stuff I don’t make teas or anything haha I got a lot going on haven’t got to it yet lazy grower in some aspects lately haha

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Its actually not about giving them sugar but keeping the sugar from being leeched out of their root system but the 2 sure fire yield increases is mykos and fulvic/ humic acid but those you have to introduce pretty early

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Can you brake that down I’m just a hillbilly lol
I’m interested in learning about way of always improving my grow

Mykos are mushroom that basically attach to roots and form a symbiotic relationship with them basically becoming a secondary root system where as fulvic acid both increases the growth rate of roots but also increasing the amount of intake existing roots have so basically more nutrients =bigger buds

Thanks man never heard of this So it would be done in the beginning and where can I find this I’m all about a good root system one of the reason I put c02

Great white is a good microrhizea product

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Amazon for both -mr fulvic will give you 1000 gallons of fulvic infused feed water and xtreme gardening is the most popular mykos seller but you can find tons of mykos infused products

Hey thats a really good question and if you have a healthy environment with good ph and the right noots it will boil down to strain. More precisely, its also a phenotypic expression. To clarify, you can grow 10 seeds of Columbian, assuming they are all female, each will have slightly different growth characteristics. Some may have wider leaves some skinny, some may have taller growth and others bushy. And like those things the flowers may differ too?
I have Balkhi growing from the same seed lot. There are 3 very similar but different growth characteristics.
Here are the tops of two plants from the same seed batch


Thanks I’m going to try it I have plants in veg and I have to trans plant to there final pot it’s ok to start then

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Ok so check out the serations in the bottom flower vs the less serated middle flower. Also take note the pink in the stamens vs the red/yellow. The buds are different densities too.

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Yes especially if you sprinkle the mykos on the roots/ hole when you transplant and you’re probably early enough to get decent benefit from the fulvic too

Yea literally every one of my 3 skittles grew WAY differently

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This does not apply with clons right ?

Right! So to guarantee you get smokin tight assed nugs, you have to grow out a few plants and clone them, select the plant that grows tight nugs and either keep it as a mother for future clones, or you could intentionally breed it in an attempt to isolate that trait

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Clones will be much more similar but you’d be surprised at how minor differences in mediums effect grow patterns

See my comment about selecting for tight assed nugs.

Keep in mind any time you are growing for professional results, your grow must be dialed in and be very consistent. You cannot make newbie mistakes.

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